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Web-based interface for viewing high resolution Visible Human anatomical images
Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross-section  
General ultrastructures images collection.
Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy
Images from the Stereoscopic Atlas of Human Anatomy completed in 1962.
Digital resources for teaching biology.
Bristol Biomedical Image Archive   
Collection of medical, dental, and veterinary images for use in teaching.
Clinical Topographic Anatomy
Groscurth- University of Zurich and Filguera- University of Western Australia
Provides an e-Learning website about sectional anatomy of human body, with interactive self-study and assessment tools, based on more than 1500 MR and CT slices. Note: The site involves images with large file sizes that reduces the download speed for the pages.
Gross Anatomy Atlas Images - University of Arkansas   
Labelled gross anatomy images from University of Arkansas Medical Sciences, Deparment of Neurobiology and Developmental Sciences.
Images In Anatomy   
This Tyler Junior College website offers images to accompany a two-semester Anatomy and Physiology course.
Medical Gross Anatomy Atlas Images - University of Michigan  
Includes images collected within the headings of brain, spinal cord, back, eye, nose, larynx, thorax, abdominal wall and hand.
Medical Gross Anatomy Dissection Videos   
Video presentations divided into five categories; Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular and Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, Reproductive and Endocrine, and Nervous systems. Each heading has multiple modules, which include various video sizes to accommodate various download speeds.
Quicktime Virtual Reality Anatomy   
A collection of photo-based QTVR objects produced from real anatomical specimens.
Radiologic Anatomy - Wayne State University   
Five separate modules (brain, upper abdomen, thorax, pelvis and upper thigh, as well as skull base) for learning basic gross anatomy as depicted in radiographic studies.
Ronald Bergman's - Anatomy Atlas List   
Curated by Ronald A. Bergman, PhD, this resource offers links to many atlases and digital libraries.
Structure of the Human Body   
Presented by Loyola University Chicago, this site offers multiple sources of anatomical image resources, including the LUMEN dissector, and the Master list of Muscles, both of which are excellent educational references.
The Anatomy of the Laboratory Mouse   
By Margaret J. Cooke, 1965. Bar Harbor, Maine. A fantastic resource, with many excellent illustrations
Visible Human Project   
Complete, anatomically detailed, transverse CT, MR and cryosection images of representative male and female cadavers.


Atlas of brain perfusion SPECT   
Brigham and Women's Hospital visual guide to brain anatomy, physiology and pathology through SPECT imaging.
Brain Biodiversity Bank Atlases 
Human, sheep, dolphin, and axolotl brain atlases.
Digital Anatomist Project, University of Washington  
The Digital Anatomist Interactive Atlas is a system that allows the user to interact with annotated images stored on a central server machine. Image sets are divided into Atlases, including the Brain, Neuroanatomy Sylabus, Thoracic Organs, and the Knee.
The Secret Life of the Brain   
The award winning presentation produced by PBS, with numerous modules and activites related to brain anatomy and function.
Whole Brain Atlas 
Integrates clinical information with multimodality imaging data.


Edinburgh Mouse Atlas   
Digital atlas of mouse development and database for spatially mapped data such as in situ gene expression and cell lineage.
Embryological Development of the Human   
Provides animations of stages in embryological development.
MicroMRI Atlas of Mouse Development   
Movies, cerebral structures and 3-D embryo reconstructions of 13.5 dpc mouse embryo.
Multi-dimensional Human Embryo   
Three-dimensional image reference of the Human Embryo based on magnetic resonance imaging, including Quicktime movies.
Virtual Human Embryo   
The Carnegie collection of human embryology images of the Human Developmental Anatomy Center.


Digital Atlas of Histology   
Histology atlas from UERJ in Brazil, also available in Portuguese.
Histology Atlas   
Provided by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's College of Medicine.
The Cell: An Image Library
A public repository of reviewed and annotated images, videos and animations of cells from a variety of organisms.
The JayDoc HistoWeb Site   
Histology atlas from the School of Medicine of the University of Kansas, with succinct explanations of the tissues to guide the first-year medical student in the use of their microscope.
Web Atlas of Cellular Structures   
Light and confocal micrographs illustrating a variety of subcellular structures and organelles.
Internet pathology resource including 1900 images.


Dermatology Image Database   
This collection of clinical dermatology images is provided by the University of Iowa's Department of Dermatology.
Skeleton images and osteology information for human, gorilla, and baboon.
Images from the History of Medicine   
National Library of Medicine resource.
Index of Lesions   
Atlas of examples of important lesions of the oral cavity.
Molecular Expressions   
Optical microscopy images in a variety of domains including biology. Image Library   
Images related to women's health.
Public Health Images Library   
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention collection of public health images and movies.
A collection of radiologic images from the University of Kansas School of Medicine.
Tabulae Anatomica de Pietro de Cortona   
University of Iowa's rare book collection offers these eighteenth-century anatomical plates for online viewers.
Surgical anatomy atlas.


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