Annual Meeting Program

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Professional Development
- Platform Sessions

Preliminary Brochure (pdf.)

Keynote Speaker

Sean Carroll
Howard Hughes Medical Institute and University of Wisconsin
Saturday, March 28


Cardiovascular Biology Mini-Meeting
Sunday, March 29
Chairs:  Michael Simons (Yale School of Medicine) & Anne Eichmann (Yale School of Medicine) 

Featuring Plenary Speakers:
Anne Eichmann (Yale School of Medicine)                                 
Ken Walsh (Boston University School of Medicine)    

Vascular Organization and Patterning
Endothelial-to-mesenchymal Transition
Cardiovascular Biology Platform Session*   

Neurobiology Mini-Meeting
Monday, March 30

Featuring Nobel Laureate Plenary Speakers:
The Anatomy of Memory and Neurodegenerative Disease: Prions, a Nobel Idea
Eric Kandel (Columbia University)
Stanley Prusiner (University of California, San Francisco)

Educational Science Research & Teaching

Anatomy Education Roundtable - Developing Effective Cognitive Strategies for Future Long Term Recall of Medical Knowledge
Chair:  James Walker (Purdue Univ./ IU School of Medicine – Lafayette)

“Back to Basics” Anatomy for Everyday Practice: Integrating Anatomy Education into the Clinical Years
Chair:  Nirusha Lachman (Mayo Clinic)

Didactic Methods in the Anatomical Sciences: How Does Technology Help or Hinder? (Hybrid)*

Chair:  Michael Hortsch (Univ. of Michigan)

Educational Neuroscience: Towards the Science of Learning
Chair:  Ann Zumwalt (Boston Univ. School of Medicine)

Keep Calm and Carry On Educating
Co-sponsored by the Anatomical Society
:  Claire Smith (Univ. of Sussex)

Let's Get EDucated! How Anatomists Can Help with Accreditation Requirements
Chair:  Anne Poznanski (California Northstate Univ. College of Medicine)

Scientific Symposia

Anatomy of Aging
Chair:  H. Wayne Lambert (West Virginia Univ.)

Breaking the Barrier: The Gastrointestinal Tract in Health and in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Chairs:  Abdo Jurjus (American Univ. of Beirut) & Inaya Hajj Hussein (Oakland Univ. William Beaumont School of Medicine)

Cardiovascular Development and Disease
Chair:  L. Bruno Ruest (Texas A&M Univ. Baylor College of Dentistry)

Cilia in Development
Chair:  Jeffrey Amack (SUNY Upstate Medical Univ.)

Craniofacial Tissues: Development, Repair and Regeneration
Chairs:  Xiaohua Liu (Texas A&M Univ. Baylor College of Dentistry) & Venu Varanasi (Texas A&M Univ. Baylor College of Dentistry)

Creation of Tissue-like Structures In Vitro Using Advanced Technologies
Co-sponsored by the Anatomical Society
:  Stefan Przyborski (Durham Univ.)

Evolution, Development and Relationships between Heart and Head Muscles:  Surprising Implications for Vertebrate Origins and Medicine
Chair:  Rui Diogo (Howard Univ.)

Major Transformations of the Amniote Nose
Chair:  Tomasz Owerkowicz (California State Univ., San Bernardino)

Making Connections: Comparative Biomechanics and Evolution of Joints
Chair:  Casey Holliday (Univ. of Missouri)

Structures and Functions of Primary Cilia
Chair:  Takanari Inoue (Johns Hopkins Univ.)

Anatomy and Genetics: How Phenomics Informs our Understanding of Genomes (Hybrid) *
Co-sponsored by AAA’s Advisory Committee for Young Anatomists
:  Benjamin  Auerbach (The Univ. of Tennessee)

The Development and Control of Vertebrate Morphology
Co-sponsored by the International Society of Vertebrate Morphologists

The Evolutionary Tapestry of Vertebrate Morphology and Function
Co-sponsored by the International Society of Vertebrate Morphologists

Understanding the Zygoma:  A Key Morphofunctional Partition in the Craniofacial Skeleton
Chair:  Qian Wang (Mercer Univ. School of Medicine)

Vascular and Connective Tissue Imaging In Situ: Returning Bone to the Skeleton
Chair:  Maria Serrat (Marshall Univ. School of Medicine)

Professional Development Sessions

How to Mentor: Basic Science, Clinical Science, and Educational Scholarship Skills for Graduate Students and Postdocs
Chairs: Linda May (East Carolina Univ.) & Jonathan Wisco (Brigham Young Univ.)

Leaning In Without Falling Over: Supporting the Success of Women in Science
Chairs: Lorinda Smith (Univ. of Utah) & Valerie O'Loughlin (Indiana Univ.)

Best Practices for Using Social Media as it Reshapes Academia and the Classroom
Chair:  Jason Mussell (Louisiana State Univ. Health Sciences Center

Platform Sessions

Anatomy Education *
Biological Anthropology *
Bones, Cartilage & Teeth *
Cardiovascular Biology *
Evolution and Comparative Anatomy *
Neurobiology *
Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering & Regeneration *

*Abstracts will be selected for oral presentation within this session.  Please click here to view the abstract topic categories.


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