Atlas of Anatomy 2nd Edition

Author: Anna M.Gilroy, B.R. MacPherson, and L.M. Ross

Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc, 2012

704 pp, 2,400 illustrations;
softcover, $79.99 list


The first edition of this atlas is a masterwork, a well organized and clearly written text correlated with stunningly beautiful illustrations. This second edition serves as a refinement by reorganization of some chapters, additional illustrations, and welcomed relocation of surface anatomy to the front of each chapter.

The authors have corrected a variety of typographical errors, omissions, and anatomical facts. Considering the size and detail of this volume, others will be brought to their attention. For example, on page 610, a nerve point is labeled as Erb’s point, as in the 1st edition. Actually, there are two neck eponymous “Erb’s” points, each of which has different clinical significance.

A verbatim online version of the printed atlas would be preferable to what now amounts to a collection of illustrations with basic labeling quizzes. The online search tool that substitutes for a traditional index
brings up thumbnail images that are difficult to sort. Once selected, however, a notation is made to the
corresponding illustration in the textbook. Of note, the atlas is not inexpensive, particularly with the added cost of online access to all the illustrations either by desktop or notebook, such as iPad and Kindle.

The Atlas of Anatomy textbook continues to be well conceived, brilliantly illustrated, and authoritative in its
content. It remains an exceptional resource for anatomy instructors. However, for cost-conscious medical students, finding second-hand copies of the excellent first edition could be considered.

Reviewer: Gary Kish MD, FAAOS,
Invited Lecturer, Department of Anatomy,
Faculty of Medicine University of Debrecen, Hungary

Review Date: December 2012

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