Awards for Scientific, Education & Leadership Contributions

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Award Nomination Requirements

Award Nomination Process


Please review each award description for details. Only complete nominations can be considered by the individual award committee.

Each AAA award has its own criteria regarding who may make a nomination, who may be nominated, and what materials must be submitted. AAA has adopted a two-step nomination process for most awards to make it easier for those submitting nominations. For those awards that note both a nomination deadline and a materials deadline, the person making the nomination only needs to submit:

  1. Completed Award Nomination Form

  2. Detailed letter of recommendation

  3. Curriculum vitae of the nominee (NIH biosketch format preferred)


AAA will then contact the nominee and ask that additional material be submitted, if required for a particular award. Only complete nominations can be considered by the individual award committees.

To encourage nomination of young investigators who may not be working in traditional anatomy departments, it is no longer necessary that nominators for the Bensley Award in cell biology, the Herrick Award in neuroanatomy, or the Mossman Award in developmental biology be AAA members; non-member nominees have always been eligible. As a further encouragement, the non-member nominators of winning nominees will receive a two-year complimentary AAA membership.

Selection Process

Each year, the AAA President or incoming President nominates and the Board of Directors approves committee members for each award committee. Each committee carefully considers the eligible nominations and selects the award recipient. Committees are not obligated to make an award each year.


Any nominee not chosen for an award is automatically considered for the award by the next two consecutive award committees. It is the nominator's responsibility to update or augment the nomination materials, if appropriate, prior to the next year's deadline. (Note: This does not apply to the Lippincott Williams Wilkins/AAA Education Research Scholarship or the Keith & Marion Moore Young Anatomist's Publication Award, both of which are self-nominated.)

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering scientific research, education, and the dissemination of scientific information, it is our policy not to pay overhead or indirect costs.

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