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Charles Oxnard (degrees BSc. MB, ChB, PhD, and DSc) commenced his first investigations with Professor Lord Zuckerman at the University of Birmingham, UK, in 1952. Following appointments as research fellow, lecturer and senior lecturer in Birmingham, he held professorships at the Universities of Chicago, Southern California and Western Australia. He had terms as Dean of the College in Chicago, Dean of the Graduate School in Los Angeles, and Dean of Science and Agriculture at the University of Western Australia (UWA). He retired in 1957.

He is currently emeritus professor and since retirement in 1997 is senior honorary research fellow (1998-2012 renewable) and adjunct professor of forensic science both at UWA. He has also been Leverhulme Professor at UC, London (2001-2004), and is currently honorary professor of anatomy at Hull/York Medical School, honorary professor of bioengineering at U. Hull (both 2005-2010, renewable, UK). Since retirement he received the Charles R. Darwin Award for Lifetime Achievement in Physical Anthropology from the American Association of Physical Anthropologists in 2001, was honoured as the dedicatee on a book “Shaping Primate Evolution”, Cambridge University Press, 2004, and received the Chancellor’s Medal of the University of Western Australia in 2008. Oxnard’s teaching in anatomy, anthropology and evolutionary biology has always included science as well as medical students.

His researches range from anatomical dissection, through mathematical and engineering modelling of anatomical structures, to Fast Fourier Transforms, Fast Lagrangian Analyses and Finite Elements as applied to the architecture and biomechanics of bone. His more recent studies have involved mathematical approaches to evolutionary trees and population lineages, brain evolution, and anatomical assessments of cretins compared to the dwarfed Flores fossils. He had over £1.0 million research funding in the UK, US$3.5 million in the USA and A$2.7 million in Australia before retirement. Since retirement he has participated in six Australian Research Council Large and Discovery Grants (1997-2012), two Leverhulme Trust (UK) grants (2002-2007), two Marie Curie Research Grants (2005-2008) and a UK BBSRC Research Grant (2007-2010).

Oxnard’s lifetime publications include 30 books and monographs and 262 full length papers. He has published 73 books and papers since retirement. These latter include mammalian brain evolution (2001, Nature), chimpanzee/human brain differences (2004, Internat. J. Primatol), bone biomechanics (2004, Folia Primatol.), muscle evolution (2008, Folia Primatol.), the cranium of cretins and the Flores fossils (2008, Proc. Royal Soc. B.), new approaches in morphometrics (2009, Theoret. Biol.), and the postcranium of cretins and the Flores fossils (2010, PLoS ONE). His latest book has also just appeared (Ghostly Muscles, Wrinkled Brains, Heresies and Hobbits, 2008, World Scientific), with two other books projected for 2011 and near final form.

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