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Political participation means not only voting, but also communicating with your elected representatives. Federal, state, and local officials and their staffs often lack the knowledge and understanding needed to make key decisions related to science and medicine.

Biomedical researchers and educators are among the best informed citizens to provide this information, but too often are reluctant to enter the political arena. Sometimes it's because they just don't know how!

This public policy primer provides you with all you need to know to have your voice heard at the federal, state, or local level of government-whether by making visits; writing letters or e-mails; calling; or working through the media. You understand the message. Now you can tap the most effective medium for getting that message to those who need to hear it.

If a public official sees you as a valuable source of information on issues related to your research, your concerns will take on added weight. Your efforts to educate Members of Congress are critical to encouraging Congress to sustain the investment it has made in the NIH and other federal agencies.

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