Criteria & Process for Member Suspension or Expulsion

Approved by AAA Board of Directors, April 20, 2012

The Board of Directors shall establish criteria and procedures by which the Association may suspend or revoke the membership of any member for good cause, including failure to meet or adhere to the standards, policies, or procedures of the Association. 


These “standards, policies, or procedures of the Association” include:

  1. Human Subject and Animal Research guidelines established by AAA for the society’s journals:  Anatomical Sciences Education, Developmental Dynamics, and The Anatomical Record.
  2. abstract submission guidelines in effect for the AAA Annual Meeting or regional meetings.
  3. AAA policy related to primary affiliation with a human body donation program.
  4. Other such criteria that may be established by the Board of Directors.


  1. A three-person Ethics Subcommittee of the Board will be appointed by the president each year.  This subcommittee will be chaired by the president elect (who also chairs the Membership Committee) and will include two other directors who are not AAA officers.  Each will serve a two-year term.
  1. All complaints concerning possible grounds for removal or suspension of a member for good cause, including failure of a member to meet or adhere to the standards, policies, or procedures of the Association, shall be referred to the executive director.
  1. The executive director will consult with the chair of the Ethics Subcommittee to consider if there are sufficient grounds to send the complaint to the full Ethics Subcommittee for review.
  1. For each complaint sent to the Ethics Subcommittee, the president elect will notify the member who is the subject of the complaint in writing of the charges and provide an opportunity for the member to respond in writing by a reasonable deadline not to exceed 30 days.  The Ethics Subcommittee may, in its discretion, collect additional information.
  1. After reviewing the members’ response and any other relevant information, the Ethics Subcommittee shall render a decision, which shall be communicated to the member in writing.  The member shall have 30 days to appeal the decision to the full Board of Directors. 
  1. If the member chooses not to appeal, his/her dues for the current year shall be returned, and he/she shall cease to be an AAA member.
  1. If the member appeals, the Board of Directors will meet, either in person or via conference call, to review the issue.  If two-thirds of the Board votes that it is in the best interests of AAA to expel the member, the member will be notified, his/her dues for the current year shall be returned, and he/she shall cease to be an AAA member.  The decision of the Board shall be final.
  1. Complaints related to abuse of journal subscriptions or similar issues, generally referred to AAA through its publisher, will typically be dealt with by the executive director in lieu of the above procedure and may result in suspension of subscriptions or non-renewal of membership.  The secretary-treasurer will be consulted in each such instance.
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