Gray's Anatomy for Students for iPAD, Version 1.0

Author: Drake, Vogl, and Mitchell

Publisher: Elsevier, April 2011

230 MB, $79.99

Gray’s Anatomy for Students for iPadby Elsevier provides the convenience of accessibility to the full textbook of Gray’s Anatomy for Students by Drake, Vogl, and Mitchell in your pocket iPad.  The program has every aspect of the paper version, already known for its unique friendly, practical, and clinically-oriented presentation of human anatomy, and has more than 1,000 crystal clear illustrations.

Although the $79.99 price is a few dollars more than the paper version, it has much more functionality and manageability.  The application is easy, uncomplicated, and fast to download—the opinion of someone who is a relatively new iPad user!

The controls are very intuitive and the table of contents at the beginning of the “e-book” is very easy to navigate.  A scrollable thumbnail of the illustrations is another feature available according to the specific subject in the table of contents.  While reading the book’s text, there is a button that can take you back to the main table of contents for easy navigation. The whole application is an easy-to-access reference guide.

In addition, the text font has a great size, making it seem even easier and more attractive to read than the paper version.  While reading the iPad version, you can take notes and save specific figures with notes.  Labels can be turned on and off.  Figures and pictures can be enlarged to the entire screen when touched, a much more useful feature than the “pinch-and-zoom” method of enlarging pictures (which is also available).  Unfortunately, I could not find a feature to highlight text.  This would be my only recommendation to improve the design of this wonderful application.

The greatest value for medical and dental students would be during their first and second year.  Similar to the paper version, it is directed to students, therefore not detailed enough for surgical sciences. The iPad application would make a great study aid on-the-go for any health professional student and could be extended as a reference to non-surgical health fields.


Reviewer: Bertha Escobar-Poni, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dept. of Pathology and Human Anatomy, Loma Linda Univ.

Review Date: September 2011

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