Gross Anatomy

Author: Kyung Wong Chung, Ph.D., and Harold M. Chung, M.D.

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins,
2012, 7th edition, 468 pp + index, $43.95

Gross Anatomy is the newly revised edition of an established anatomy review text, written in the Board Review Series format and intended for medical student board examination studies. However,
the text provides a summary of essential gross anatomy information that is useful both for USMLE preparation and more broadly for health science students engaged in human anatomy coursework, such as those in dental and allied health professions training programs. The contents are organized into chapters that cover the limbs, thorax, abdomen, perineum and pelvis, back, head and neck; highlights of the relevant developmental anatomy are covered within these various topics.

The book is a comprehensive study guide written in an outline format. The outlines are well organized with the content provided in succinct bullet points. They are designed in a useful style for visual learners: the outline headings and subsections are color-coded, enabling the student to keep track of the respective outline sections and mentally categorize the information. The book presents key information in full-color illustrations, as well as medical imaging (such as radiograms and magnetic resonance images) and tables, all of which are clearly labeled. Interspersed among the various outline sections are corresponding sub-sections that provide useful clinical correlations, and many have been expanded and revised from prior editions. The clinical correlates illustrate frequently observed medical conditions and scenarios relevant to the anatomical region covered in the adjacent outlines. As such, the clinical examples establish direct links between structure and function, helping the student to apply the core information to the problem-solving questions that would be encountered on board-style exams. End-of-chapter summaries provide a further streamlined recap of the material covered within the unit. Each chapter of the book also concludes with a review test, with questions written in USMLE format. The question answers and brief explanations for each review test are included immediately following the test pages, which is convenient and facilitates self-assessment while studying. There is a comprehensive examination (with answers and continued from previous page  explanations) at the very end of the book. A companion website with an interactive question bank, comprised of all the test questions provided in the book, further assists in test preparations.

Overall, this text is an outstanding resource for students of anatomy. The book provides a concise review and is a study aide that can enable mastery of this subject.

Reviewer: Rebecca A. Wingert, Ph.D., assistant professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame

Review DateMarch 2012

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