Medical Imaging of Normal and Pathologic Anatomy

by: Joel A. Vilensky, Edward C. Weber, Thomas E. Sarosi, Stephen W. Carmichael
192 pages, $39.95

This text is designed for medical students to enable and enhance their journey into the pattern recognition that is key to the study of anatomy. These authors take it a step further into the medical imaging feld, offering a concise book with an excellent array of various types of scans, including MRIs, CTs, ultrasonograms, arteriography, and typical radiographs.
It is easy to read and follow with a foreword by author David Macaulay that provides the reader/student reasons why these images are important to ordinary people, as well as to medical student. The text is divided by regions of the body (Head and Neck, Thorax, Abdomen, Back, Upper Limb, Lower Limb) with each section color-coded. There is no table of contents page, but the color-coding approach works well. For each region, images were taken in various planes to highlight certain structures or areas. A normal view is juxtaposed with a pathological view taken at a similar plane. Labels are supplied on both images, along with explanations of the pathology. Specifc references are given to both Gray’s Anatomy for Students and Clinically Oriented Anatomy, which assists students in searching for additional information.

The depiction of the normal images contrasted with pathologies defnitely provides a good foundation base for medical students who are just acquiring the skill of analyzing images. As a non-clinician, I found this text to be interesting and fascinating. In fact, I could not put it down. Visuals of the human body that depicted the beauty of normal along with the insidiousness of disease processes and events served to enhance my knowledge. This book would be a great resource for medical students, alternative health professionals who deal with imaging, and for students of anatomy and pathology.


Karen M Gana, Ph.D.
assistant professor,
Dept. of Basic Sciences, New York Chiropractic College

September 2010

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