Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards, 3rd ed.

by: John T. Hanson

The newest edition of Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards from Elsevier has the high quality illustrations of Frank H. Netter, MD, with some nice updates. Besides the beautiful illustrations, the fashcards have the typical organized layout on the opposing side, with the anatomical names, as well as a comment section.

A few simple additions make this edition of Netter’s fash cards easier to use than previous editions. For example, many cards have an additional clinical gray box with information to help students understand the clinical importance of some of the structures. Each section is separated by a card that is a legend for each card in the section. These table of contents cards are each slightly taller than the rest to designate the section and make it easier to fnd specifc cards within a section. Additionally, all of the content fash cards include a hole in the top left corner, allowing them to be easily stored with a ring binder.

Some of the cards have illustrations by Carlos Marchado, which are of superb quality and add to the overall quality of the cards. Additionally, students will have access to the Student Consult site, which contains additional fash cards along with sample questions. These fashcards contain the ultra high quality that is associated with Netter’s fash cards, with more clinical applications to better integrate the information and enhance usability. The gross anatomy in the cards is concise, and will provide good review of the material for any student taking a gross anatomy class. There are some areas that could be improved upon. Most of the illustrations are fne, but some could be larger with more bold lines pointing to pertinent anatomical structures. The Marchado illustrations are suffciently large and detailed. It would be nice to include more of them, even if just online, as they are extremely good. Another drawback is that not all of the cards include the clinical application section. Additionally, some of the lines should be thicker, especially those describing nerve paths.

Overall, the fash cards, along with the added Student Consult website are Elsevier’s standard quality of material, which will provide adequate review material to anyone studying for gross anatomy or reviewing for boards.


Linda May, MS, Ph.D., assistant professor
Dept. of Anatomy
Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences

September 2010

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