Ouch! Neuronal pathways responsible for conduction of somatosensory and visceral pain

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McBride, PhD
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Pain Defined
Somatic pain

  • Sensation: pricking, burning, aching, stinging, and soreness (Basbaum AI & Jessel TM, 2000)
  • Sources: extreme temperature, acids, pinching, swelling and a variety of others (Squire LR et al, 2008; Purves et al, 2008)
  • Subjective: environment dependent (Basbaum AI & Jessel TM, 2000)

Visceral pain (Purves et al, 2008)

  • Sensation: increased pressure and damaging stretch
  • Sources: bloating, ischemia, irritating chemicals, inflammation, edema
  • Localization: sparse innervation and large receptive fields

Perception of Pain
Nociceptors sub-typed by axon

  • Aδ mechanosensitive nociceptors
  • Aδ mechanothermal nociceptors
  • Polymodal nociceptors (C-fiber)

Sodium channels role in pain

  • Dib-Hajj SD et al. Annu. Rev. Neurosci. 33:325-347. 2010 - Review of NaV1.3,NaV1.7, NaV1.8, NaV1.9 role in pain
  • Cox JJ, Reimann F et al. Nature. 444:894-898. 2006 - “An SCN9A channelopathy causes inability to experience pain”
  • Dib-Hajj SD et al. Trends in Neurosciences 30:555-563. 2007 - Review of pain disorders linked to NaV1.7

Vanilloid receptors–Caterina MJ et al. Nature. 389:816-824.1997

Who needs to feel pain?
Purpose of pain


“Living” without pain
Cox JJ, Reimann F, Nicholas AK, Thornton G et al. Nature. 444:894-898. 2006

  • Lip and tongue mutilation
  • Finger mutilation
  • Visual damage or loss of eye(s)
  • Unaware of broken bones
  • Numerous scars
  • Cuts and bruises

Anterolateral System History
Magendie, 1822

  • anterior root motor function
  • posterior root sensory function

Brown-Sequard; Schiff, 1858

  • first insight to decussation of fibers

Gowers, 1878 & 1879

  • L1 crush lead to ascending lesion
  • “anterolateral ascending tract”

Mott, 1895

  • Marchi technique tracing
  • confirmed Gowers findings

Anterolateral System
Pain, temperature & crude touch (Blumenfeld H, 2010; Haines DE, 2006)

Enter posterior horn

  • primarily synapse in laminae I & V

Target structures

  • ventral posterolateral nucleus of the thalamus
  • midline thalamic nuclei
  • reticular formation
  • periaqueductal gray matter

Visceral Pain Pathways

  • Overdistention, increased pressure, tissue damage (Haines, Purves)
  • Peripheral origin - sympathetic nerves (<20%)
  • Enter posterior horn - primarily synapse in laminae I & V
  • Target structures - anterolateral pathway to VPL
  • Gildenberg PL & Hirshberg RM, 1984 - myelotomy at T9 or T10; treatment for pelvic cancer pain
    Hirshberg RM, Al-Chaer ED et al, 1996 -medial myelotomy of posterior column at T10; human histological analysis (n=1); anterograde and retrograde tracing (rats); neurophysiology (rats)

Spinal Trigeminal Pathway
Pain, temperature & crude touch  
(Blumenfeld H, 2010; Purves D, 2008)


  • lateral pons in trigeminal sensory root

Target structures

  • ventroposteromedial & intralaminar nuclei of thalamus
  • reticular formation

Spinal Trigeminal Pathway History

  • Spitzer 1899 and Wallenberg 1901, 1904 - fibers arising from the spinal nucleus
  • Papez & Rundles 1937 - decussation of fibers ascending to thalamus–“ventral tract”
  • Kuru 1938, 1949 - confirmation in human brain
  • Walker 1939 - conclude lesion of spinal nucleus or tract result in loss of pain and temperature sensation in face


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