Outreach Grant Network Resources

AAA’s Outreach Grant Program provides funding for workshops, symposia, and meetings organized by AAA members, either as stand-alone activities or under the umbrella of other national or international societies. Below are resources from past programs that have been sponsored by Education Outreach Grants.


AIMS Amazing Body Program of St. Louis University School of Medicine, Center for Anatomical Science and Education - Jason Organ

Reaching Out- A Prosthetics and Orthotic Limb Workshop for Undergraduate Students- Ernest Talarico
Program Summary


High School Anatomical Demonstrations and Cardiovascular Workshop- Patricia Itaya
Program Outline

LECOM: Anatomy Academy - Jonathan Kalmey
Program Flyer


NEOUCOM/P Anatomy Education Program -Jon Walro
PowerPoint Presentation

Understanding the Anatomical Basis of Specific Diseases- Joel Schechter
Case Studies
Case Studies 2

STARS- Students and Teachers Anatomical Research Program- Kristin Bruzzini
Brochure: Teaching Anatomy Program
Brochure: Intro to Human Anatomy Program

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