Outreach Grants

Applications due: March 16 and August 1

AAA’s Outreach Grant Program provides funding for workshops, symposia, and meetings organized by AAA members, either as stand-alone activities or under the umbrella of other national or international societies. Supported activities may either be educational—such as anatomy workshops for high school students—or scientific. Targeted audiences include researchers, educators, and students at all levels. Additionally, Outreach Grants may be used to help support an event for National Lab Network events.

For the Research Meetings Outreach Grants Program and the Three-Year Research Meetings Outreach Grants Program, some preference will be given to meetings that will use the funds for student/ postdoc/ young investigator travel fellowships. 

Programs and Meetings Funding by AAA Outreach Grants:

5th International Meeting on Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition

Australian Brain Bee Challenge

Reaching Out- A Prosthetics and Orthotic Limb Workshop for Undergraduate Students

Anatomy Education Day


Education Outreach Grant

AAA offers grants for education programs designed to enhance teaching skills or interest educators and students at all academic levels in anatomy as a discipline. Proposals are judged by the AAA Education Outreach Awards Committee.

Research Meetings Outreach Grant

Funding is available to support non-AAA workshops, symposia, or meetings organized by AAA members. Preference will be given to research areas viewed as AAA strategic priorities—imaging, cellular and molecular anatomy, neurobiology, systems biology, and vertebrate development. Some preference will be given to programs that use the funds for student/ postdoc/ young investigator travel fellowships. Proposals will be judged by a subcommittee of the AAA Program Committee, with the participation of the editors of The Anatomical Record and Developmental Dynamics.

Three-Year Research Meetings Outreach Grant

AAA may select one meeting each year as deserving of ongoing support over a three-year period.  AAA may choose one such meeting a year so that in a given year, up to three such meetings will be supported. Beyond fulfilling the regular criteria for Research Meetings Outreach Grants outlined here, three-year funded meetings will be encouraged to consider meeting with the AAA Annual Meeting/Experimental Biology as a guest society and encouraged to publish a special issue in one of AAA’s journals. With this in mind, AAA’s journal editors will be involved in the selection process and the meetings being considered for a three-year award will be ranked on the following criteria:

The second and third year of a three-year grant will be contingent on receipt of a satisfactory progress report within 60 days following each meeting. All applications for three-year grants that are not accepted will automatically be considered within the pool of applications for a one-year Research Meetings Outreach Grant.


All three grant programs will follow the same application process and funding cycle,
with proposals due March 15 and August 1.


Only AAA members are eligible to apply for a grant. No individual or project will be funded two years in a row for an Education Outreach Grant or regular Research Meetings Outreach Grant. Members submitting separate proposals for the same meeting will be asked to consolidate their requests.

Application Process

Any AAA member interested in receiving an Outreach Grant should submit a proposal, not to exceed two pages, stating the goals and particulars of the project and the expected audience. Sources of matching funds or contributions from other societies should be indicated, along with an itemized budget detailing expenses for speaker travel, housing, on-site fees, and ancillary supplies or equipment. Also include details on how AAA might benefit from your program and how AAA support will be acknowledged. If you have received an AAA Outreach Grant in the past, you must provide details about the success of your earlier meeting or project. AAA support generally will not exceed $3,000 a year. Travel and housing expenses of the proposer will generally not be covered by the grant. A follow-up report on the meeting will be required in the format of an article to be published in the AAA Newsletter. Recipients will be asked to provide AAA with an electronic list of participants and to distribute or display appropriate AAA  information at their event, as requested.


The submission deadlines for grant proposals are March 16 and August 1.

Review Process

The primary criteria for evaluating proposals include visibility and scientific impact, quality of participants, potential value to AAA, and visibility of AAA support. Additional criteria are described above. Recipients will be notified in November (August application deadline) and May (March application deadline).  The selection committees are not obligated to make awards if satisfactory proposals have not been submitted or to provide the full amount requested.

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering scientific research, education, and the dissemination of scientific information, it is our policy not to pay overhead or indirect costs

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