Outreach Grants Winners

Past Winners - Research

Suzzette Chopin - 2001
South Texas Undergraduate Research Symposium

David Moury - 2001
South Texas Undergraduate Research Symposium

Wojciech Pawlina - 2001
International Symposium on Morphological Sciences

Raymond Runyan- 2001
Weinstein Cardiovascular Development Conference

(Robert) Clark Lantz - 2002
11th International Symposium on Cells of the Hepatic Sinusoid and Their Relation to Other Cells

Miguel Allende - 2003
Latin American Society of Developmental Biology Meeting

Mary-Louise Bareither - 2003
HAPS Central Regional Conference
Louise Abbott - 2004
Recent Advances in Neurodegenerative Disease Research

Suzzette Chopin - 2004
Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

Laurie Jaeger - 2004
Microscopy and Imaging for Veterinary Scientists

Alberto Mares - 2004
The Biology of Learning and Memory

Robert L. Price - 2005
Microscopy and Microanalysis 2005 Meeting

Rustin E. Reeves - 2005
American Association of Clinical Anatomists

Raymond B. Runyan - 2005
Weinstein Cardiovascular Development Conference

Peter Satir - 2005
Cilia, Mucus, and Mucociliary Interaction Conference

Michael D. Gershon - 2006
Development of the Enteric Nervous System: Cells,
Signals and Genes

Jacqueline F. Webb - 2006

Zebrafish in Comparative Context, a symposium

Simon Conway - 2007
2007 Weinstein Cardiovascular Development Conference
Vincent Gattone - 2007
Microscopy in the Midwest Meeting

Gary Mawe - 2007
8th International symposium for VIP, PACAP and Related Peptides
Imre Olah - 2007
XIX International Symposium on Morphological Sciences
Brian Perkins - 2007
Texas and Southern Plains Regional Zebrafish Conference

Jodi Sita - 2007
ANZACA 2006—Making Connections

Brion Benninger - 2008
American Association of Clinical Anatomists

Jessica Mong - 2008
Organization for the Study of Sex Differences

Parker Antin - 2009
4th International Meeting on Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition

Tamara Franz-Odendaal - 2009
Comparative Morphology and Development Student Symposium

Marion Gordon - 2009
2009 Gordon Research Converence on Collagens

Takashi Mikawa - 2009
Weinstein Cardiovascular Development Conference

David Shreiber - 2009
2009 ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference

Catherine Marcinkiewcz - 2010
North Central Florida Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience

Mitchell Schaffler - 2010
International Sun Valley Workshop on Skeletal Biology

Kathy Svoboda - 2010
Preparation and Analysis of Mineralized Tissues

Jacqueline Veltmaat & Samuel Tay - 2010
International Anatomical Sciences and Cell Biology Conference

Katherine Yutzey - 2010 - 2012
Weinstein Cardiovascular Development Research Conference
Marion Gordaon & Donald Gerecke - 2011
Extracellular Matrix in Health and Disease
Karen Lyons - 2011
Cartilage and Pathology Gordon Research Conference
Raymond Runyan - 2011
5th International Meeting on Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
Melinda Duncan - 2012
International Conference on the Lens
Matthew Vickaryous - 2012
Canadian Society of Zoologists Student-Organized Symposium - Comparative Morphology & Development
David Burr - 2012
International Sun Valley Workshop on Skeletal Biology
Rocky Taun - 2013
Cartilage Biology and Pathology: Formation, Structure, Function and Regeneration, Gordon Research Conference
Raymond Runyan - 2013
Weinstein Cardiovascular Development Conference
Guojun Sheng - 2013
6th International Meeting on Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
John Clark - 2014
International Conference on the Lens
Betty Smoot - 2014
Third Annual International Symposium on Regenerative Rehabilitation
Elizabeth Jones - 2014
9th international symposium on biomechanics in vascular and cardiovascular disease
Joan Richtsmeier - 2014
Society of Craniofacial Genetics and Developmental Biology 2014 Annual Meeting

Past Winners - Education

Margaret Cooper - 2001
Basic Human Anatomy for Teachers

Patricia Itaya - 2001
Series of five Anatomy Workshops for high school biology teachers

Stephen LoRusso - 2001
2-day Anatomy Workshop for high school anatomy and physiology teachers and students

John Davis - 2002
Anatomy workshop for high school teachers in mid-Michigan

Stephen LoRusso - 2002
Anatomy Workshop for high school anatomy and physiology teachers and students

David Burr - 2003
International Sun Valley Skeletal Tissue Workshop

Sandra Inouye - 2003
Anatomy Education Workshop for High School Teachers and Students

Gary Mawe - 2003
Enteric Nervous System

Christopher Hubbard - 2004
Human Anatomy Outreach Program for High School Students

Murray Jensen - 2004
WebAnatomy Images for Students and Instructors Worldwide

Alison McKenzie - 2004
Mentored and Collaborative Instruction in Human Anatomy Workshop

Thomas Woolse - 2004
Anatomy Workshops for Inner City High School Students & Teachers in St. Louis

Margaret Cooper - 2005
AIMS Virtual Cadaver Demonstrations

Mary Hurley - 2005
Overview of the Human Body for High School Students

Suzanna Kempke - 2005
Forensic Science 101: Incorporating Forensics into High School Science Curricula

Nathaniel McMullen - 2005
Brain Awareness Week: Brain Science 101

Linda Richards - 2005
International Brain Bee

Sonya Williams - 2005
School of Arts and Sciences Annual Research Day Symposium and Workshop

Natividad Ybarra - 2005
A Day at the University with Doctoral Students in Biology

Francine Anderson - 2006
Anatomy lab visits for underserved students

Jonathan Kalmey - 2006
LECOM Anatomy Academy
Mary Beth Downs - 2007
Meet the Cadaver

Nancy Mangini - 2007
See Yourself as a Scientist – Anatomy and Physiology

Ronald Oppenheim - 2007
Neurodegenerative Disease: The Path from Bench to Bedside

Barbara Puder - 2007
Brain Awareness: An Educators’ Development
Kristen Bruzzini - 2008
Students & Teachers Anatomical Research Program

Carrie Elzie - 2008
Boys Exploring Science & Technology and Girls & Science (BEST & GAS) Programs
Philip Jeffery - 2008
Anatomy in the 21st Century

Joel Schechter - 2008
Understanding the Anatomical Basis of Specific Diseases
Lloyd Sherman - 2008
Day with a Scientist Program

Carl Terranova - 2008
FAME: Functional Anatomy and Movement and Exercise

Jon Walro - 2008
NEOUCOM/P Anatomy Education Outreach Program

Patrica Itaya - 2009
High School Anatomical Demonstrations and Cardiovascular Workshop

Jonathan Kalmey - 2009
LECOM: Anatomy Academy

Steven Lorusso - 2009
The Anatomy Challenge: How Is It Constructed and How Does It Work?

Kevin Patton - 2009
Anatomy of the Thorax and Abdomen - A Pilot Project for a Short Graduate Course in Cadaver-based Human Anatomy for Instructors of Undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology

Kristen Bruzzini- 2010
STARS (Students and Teachers Anatomical Research Series)

Barnabas Danborno- 2010
A Weekend with Anatomists and New Technologies for Teaching Anatomy

Mary Beth Downs- 2010
Anatomy in Rural Alabama: A College-Community Partnership

James Williams - 2010
Development of Effective Teaching Strategies for Anatomy at the High School Level
Samuel Marquez - 2011
Anatomy Education Day
Jason Organ - 2011
AIMS Amazing Body Program
Linda Richards - 2011
Australian Brain Bee Challenge
Ernest Talarico - 2011
Reaching Out- A Prosthetics and Orthotic Limb Workshop for Undergraduate Students
Haviva Goldman - 2012
Bones on the Road: A Musculo-skeletal Anatomy Outreach Program
Ariana Witkin and Benjamin Laitman - 2012
MedStart - An Enrichment Program in Anatomy and Medical Sciences for Underserved East Harlem Middle School Students
Mary Lou Bareither - 2012
UIC College Prep High School-Anatomy Enrichment Opportunity
Julienne Rutherford and Alison Doubleday - 2012
Advantages of Anatomy Education for Biological Anthropologists Workshop at 2012 AAPA Meeting
Itaya Patricia - 2013
Urinary and Reproductive Systems Workshop
Geoff Guttmann - 2013
TABS - Texas Academy of Biomedical Science - Anatomy Enrichment Program for Fort Worth ISD 9th/10th grade
Melissa Carroll - 2013
Integrative Anatomy and Embryology Systematic Review
Judith Alawa - 2013
The Young Anatomists Association Meeting
Larissa Collier - 2014
Health and Anatomy in the Wiregrass: A Series of Educational Workshops
Barnabas Danborno - 2014
Introduction to the Human Nervous System
Linda Richards - 2014
The Australian Brain Bee Challenge (ABBC)
Adam Wilson - 2014
Anatomy Education Summer Camp for High School Science Educators
Jon Jackson - 2014
HAPS Fall Regional Meeting 2014


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