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Application deadline: October 1 

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The AAA Postdoctoral Fellows Program is intended to provide salary support to an AAA member who is a postdoctoral fellow working in any aspect of biology relevant to the anatomical sciences. AAA will provide $20,000, plus travel support and registration fee (at early registration rate) to the next appropriate AAA Annual Meeting. The laboratory in which the postdoc works must supplement this stipend with funds to equal or exceed the NIH standard for postdoctoral fellows. In addition, the laboratory must provide funds for health insurance for the postdoctoral fellow.


  • Applicants must be a current member and are expected to remain a member for the duration of the fellowship.
  • Candidates should be working on a research project encompassing any aspect of biology that is relevant to the anatomical sciences. Approaches can include (but are not limited to) cellular, molecular, genetic or histological techniques, and/or emphasize development, evolution, morphology or human health.
  • Candidate should have all requirements of doctoral degree completed at the time of submission of fellowship application.


  • The duration of the Fellowship will be for one year. A no-cost extension can be requested.
  • Fellowships would be expected to cover partial salary support, with the remainder coming from other sources. Indirect costs are not included.
  • Each recipient must attend the annual AAA meeting and present his/her work at the meeting. AAA will pay registration (at early registration rate) and travel expenses, up to a total of $1,000.
  • A career mentor will be appointed for each recipient to guide him/her through the course of the research project. The mentor will be selected by AAA’s Professional Development Committee on the basis of research area from among the award committee members or from members of the Fellows Circle who have volunteered to serve as mentors.
  • At the end of the Fellowship period, each recipient must provide AAA with a written report describing work accomplished. This report must be received within three months following the end of the Fellowship period.
  • Recipients may be invited to participate in AAA outreach activities.
  • Recipients may be invited to submit their research findings or a review article to one of the AAA journals, Developmental Dynamics or The Anatomical Record.
  • Support from AAA must be acknowledged in all relevant publications or oral research presentations. Support should be acknowledged as follows: “Jane Jack is an American Association of Anatomists Scholar and this research was in part funded by the American Association of Anatomists.”


Applications should be submitted electronically, via the linked application form. Each application must include

  • CV (NIH four-page format)
  • Four-page (maximum) proposal of research, including the following
  • abstract (~300 words)
  • specific goals and significance (~1/2 page)
  • background and preliminary data (~1 page)
  • research design (~2 pages)
  • font size must be no smaller than 11 point Georgia or Arial.
  • Letter from the department chair stating that the candidate has completed all requirements of doctoral degrees at the time of application.
  • Evidence of an application to your institution’s IACUC or IRB, as appropriate. Final award will be withheld until favorable IACUC or IRB action is documented.
  • A letter describing other salary and research support available to the postdoc in the sponsor laboratory. In particular, this should confirm that funds supplementary to the AAA Fellowship will be provided to support the Fellow at NIH-equivalent salary levels, and that health insurance will be paid by the sponsor.
  • Three letters of recommendation, including
    • one from the sponsor and
    • one written by an AAA member (who may also be the sponsor)


  • Applications will be reviewed once per year, with a fixed start date for fellowship funding.
  • The review panel will be comprised of six AAA members. Conflicts of interest will include applications from a panel member’s laboratory or from the institution of a panel member.
  • Decisions of the review panel will be forwarded to the AAA Executive Committee for review, allowing one week for members to raise any questions or objections; brief critiques will be provided to applicants.
  • Criteria for decision will include consideration of:
  • the track record of the applicant (as evidenced by academic achievement and previous research)
  • the quality of the sponsor laboratory (as evidenced by publications, funding, information about success of previous graduate students and postdocs)
  • the importance of the research project (significance to Fellow’s career direction, scientific significance)


Applications are due each year on October 1. Applicants will be notified of funding by late December and Fellowships will be awarded by January 15. 

For further information or clarification regarding the process or the forms, you may call or email:

301-634-7910 (phone)
301-634-7965 (fax)

American Association of Anatomists

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