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AAA, Wiley Help Authors Submit Manuscripts to PubMed Central

NIH policy requires NIH-funded authors to deposit accepted journal manuscripts to PubMed Central (PMC). While AAA and its publisher, John Wiley & Sons Inc., did not support the NIH public access policy, AAA worked with Wiley to develop a submission process to assist authors in complying with the NIH request.

Based on this process, detailed below, Wiley will assume responsibility for submitting the peer-reviewed version of accepted manuscripts to PMC, specifying that they may be made public after 12 months.

Details about the NIH public access policy are found at

The National Institutes of Health Public Access Initiative
Response and Guidance for Journal Editors and Contributors

Notice of Wiley's Compliance with NIH Grants and Contracts Policy

Recently, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has requested that its grantees submit copies of manuscripts upon their acceptance for publication to PubMedCentral (PMC), a repository housed within the National Library of Medicine.

On behalf of our authors who are also NIH grantees, Wiley will deposit in PMC at the same time that the article is published in our journal the peer-reviewed version of the author's manuscript. Wiley will stipulate that the manuscript may be available for "public access" in PMC 12 months after the date of publication.
By assuming this responsibility, Wiley will ensure that authors are in compliance with the NIH request, as well as make certain the appropriate version of the manuscript is deposited.

When an NIH grant is mentioned in the Acknowledgments or any other section of a manuscript, Wiley will assume that the author wants the manuscript deposited into PMC, unless the author states otherwise. The author can communicate this via email, or a note in the manuscript. The version of the manuscript that Wiley sends to PMC will be the accepted version, i.e. the version that the journal's Editor-in-Chief sends to Wiley for publication.

Because Wiley is taking the responsibility for sending the manuscripts to PMC, in order to ensure an orderly process, authors should not deposit Wiley articles to PMC themselves. Authors should not make corrections to their Wiley-deposited manuscripts in PMC.

Wiley reserves the right to change or rescind this policy.

For further information, please get in touch with your editorial contact at Wiley, or read more on Wiley's open access policies.

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