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Abstract Deadline - November 10 at 5pm EST (extended date)

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Review the list of topics below to see which category fits best.  Oral presentations will be selected from the submitted abstracts.  Abstracts not selected for oral presentations, will be programmed as poster presentations. You can submit more than one abstract. Submit at . Since AAA's annual meeting is part of the Experimental Biology (EB) meeting, all abstracts, registrations and hotel reservations are submitted through EB.   The maximum size for your abstract is 1720 characters (not including spaces). This includes the authors, affiliations, title and abstract body.  When submitting your abstract, it is important to select "Anatomy – American Association of Anatomists” as your sponsoring society.

Poster Topics

7000-AAA    Anatomy
7001-AAA    Anatomy: Animal Models
7002-AAA    Anatomy: Gastrointestinal
7003-AAA    Anatomy: Cardiovascular
7004-AAA    Anatomy: Form & Variation
7005-AAA    Anatomy: Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics
7006-AAA    Anatomy: Respiratory
7007-AAA    Anatomy: Neural
7008-AAA    Anatomy: Musculoskeletal
7009-AAA    Anatomy: Urogenital

7010-AAA    Anatomy Education
7011-AAA    Anatomy Education: Assessment, Curriculum & Mentoring
7012-AAA    Anatomy Education: Clinical Based Approaches
7013-AAA    Anatomy Education: Technology-Assisted Learning
7014-AAA    Anatomy Education: Teaching Methods & Innovations

7015-AAA    Biological Anthropology

7016-AAA    Bones, Cartilage & Teeth
7017-AAA    Bones, Cartilage & Teeth: Anatomy & Morphology
7018-AAA    Bones, Cartilage & Teeth: Craniofacial
7019-AAA    Bones, Cartilage & Teeth: Development
7020-AAA    Bones, Cartilage & Teeth: Evolution & Anthropology
7021-AAA    Bones, Cartilage & Teeth: Exercise, Biomechanics; Bioengineering
7022-AAA    Bones, Cartilage & Teeth: Molecular Mechanisms

7023-AAA    Cardiovascular Biology
7024-AAA    Cardiovascular Biology: Aging
7025-AAA    Cardiovascular Biology: Anatomy & Morphology
7026-AAA    Cardiovascular Biology: Angiogenesis; Lymphangiogenesis; Vasculogenesis
7027-AAA    Cardiovascular Biology: Biomechanics; Bioengineering
7028-AAA    Cardiovascular Biology: Dysfunction; Disease; Genetic Disorders
7029-AAA    Cardiovascular Biology: Heart Development & Growth
7030-AAA    Cardiovascular Biology: Imaging
7031-AAA    Cardiovascular Biology: Sex & Gender Related Differences
7032-AAA    Cardiovascular Biology: Stem Cells, Cell & Molecular Biology

7033-AAA    Cell Biology
7034-AAA    Cell Biology: Membranes & Cytoskeleton
7035-AAA    Cell Biology: Signaling & Molecular Biology
7036-AAA    Cell Biology: Organelles       

7037-AAA    Development & Growth
7038-AAA    Development & Growth: Birth Defects
7039-AAA    Development & Growth: Craniofacial
7040-AAA    Development & Growth: Limbs
7041-AAA    Development & Growth: Neural Crest & Placodes
7042-AAA    Development & Growth: Patterning
7043-AAA    Development & Growth: Reproduction
7044-AAA    Development & Growth: Gene & Protein Expression
7045-AAA    Development & Growth: Organogenesis

7046-AAA    Evolution and Comparative Anatomy

7047-AAA    Extracellular Matrix

7048-AAA    Imaging
7049-AAA    Imaging: Anatomy
7050-AAA    Imaging: Functional Imaging
7051-AAA    Imaging: Technology & Methods
7052-AAA    Imaging: Computational Biology

7053-AAA    Muscle
7054-AAA    Muscle: Biomechanics & Exercise
7055-AAA    Muscle: Development
7056-AAA    Muscle: Stem Cells & Regeneration

7057-AAA    Neurobiology
7058-AAA    Neurobiology: Behavior; Neuropsychiatric Disorders; Disease; Aging
7059-AAA    Neurobiology: Brain
7060-AAA    Neurobiology: Development
7061-AAA    Neurobiology: Neural Cell Biology
7062-AAA    Neurobiology: Neuronal & Spinal Cord Degeneration, Repair & Regeneration
7063-AAA    Neurobiology: Neuroprotection & Neuroimmunology

7064-AAA    Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells, Wound Healing & Bioengineering

7065-AAA    Didactic Methods in the Anatomical Sciences: How Does Technology Help or Hinder?

7066-AAA    The Anatomy of Genetics: How Trait Variation Gleaned from Anatomy is Crucial to Understanding the Genetics of Evolution


Platform & Hybrid Symposium Topic Sessions (oral presentations)

Abstracts submitted to the following topics will be considered for an oral presentation in either a hybrid or platform session.  Submitting to one of these categories does not guarantee an oral presentation.   A hybrid symposium includes an invited talk and up to four 15-minute oral presentations selected from abstracts; a platform session includes six-eight 15-minute oral presentations selected from abstracts.  

Anatomy Education (7010 - 7014)
Biological Anthropology (7015)
Bones, Cartilage & Teeth (7016 - 7022)
Cardiovascular Biology (7003, 7023 – 7032)
Cell Biology (7033 – 7036)
Developmental Biology (7037 – 7045)
Didactic Methods in the Anatomical Sciences: How Does Technology Help or Hinder? (7065)
Evolution and Comparative Anatomy (7046)
Morphological Sciences
Neurobiology (7007, 7057 – 7063)
Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering & Regeneration (7064)
The Anatomy of Genetics: How Trait Variation Gleaned from Anatomy is Crucial to Understanding the Genetics of Evolution (7066)  

EB Teaching Poster Session

If you would like to submit an abstract to one of EB’s Teaching poster sessions (#8100-8200), then you will have the opportunity to present your poster twice - once with the EB Teaching posters and a second time with the AAA Education posters. See page 38 for information about the EB Teaching posters.

8100-EB Computers in Research & Teaching
8200-EB Teaching, Learning and Testing in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Abstract Deadline is November 10, 2014

Abstract submission site is now open!


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