A Textbook of Neuroanatomy

Author: Thomas R. Gest, Ph. D.

Maria A. Patestas & Leslie Gartner

Publisher: Blackwell Publishing, 2006

2006; 464 pp., $84.95 paperback


This is truly a complete and relevant student textbook on neuroanatomy. In easily understood language, the authors present a complete study of the nervous system anatomy. From the basic structure to its component parts, the text gives accurate detail that leads to an understanding of the complexity of neuroanatomical organization and function.

With the anatomical structure and the physiology and relationships described, the authors use labeled drawings, charts and diagrams to enhance the accuracy of the learning taking place. Presenting the anatomy and physiology, then providing examples of clinical cases with signs and symptoms and findings related to dysfunction and pathology, challenges the reader to diagnose the cause and resulting infirmity based on the knowledge of morphology, interrelationship,s and systems gained from studying the text.

The authors have effectively demonstrated the importance to student of having a solid foundation in neuroanatomical science, incorporating a problem-based learning approach.


Reviewer: Ronald S. Wade, Director, State Anatomy Board, DHMH, Anatomical Services Division, School of Medicine, University of Maryland, Baltimore

Review Date: September 2007

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