Thieme Atlas of Anatomy Image Collection: Neck and Internal Organs

Author: Michael Schuenke M.D. Ph.D., Erik Schulte M.D., & Udo Schumacher

Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc, 2007

2007; $199.95 DVD


This DVD contains the image files from the Neck and Internal Organs volume of THIEME’s wonderfully illustrated Atlas of Anatomy three-volume set.

The 962 illustrations on the DVD are shown with an accompanying scrolling DVD content index on the left of the screen that allows the user to easily access other content or images. At the top of the image screen, there is a very useful, easily identifiable “toolbar” that allows the user to easily perform common functions such as: “Back,” “With/without label,” Copy to clipboard,” “Save as,” and “Zoom.” Images can be easily downloaded to presentation software with the “Copy to clipboard” feature, copying the image at 72 dpi, which Thieme suggests is acceptable for most uses. There is also a “Save as” feature that downloads the images to hard drives or removable media in 300 dpi JPEG file format.

The “With/without label” feature permits the image to be viewed and downloaded with the labels and leader lines or not with the click of the mouse. “Zoom” allows the image to be viewed in three different magnifications. The DVD is quite easy to navigate and the features make working with the images a simple click of the mouse.

This program would be very useful for anyone interested in high quality imagery to add to their gross anatomy lectures, whether the course uses the printed atlases or not. In addition to the marvelous illustrations of the Thieme atlases, there is significant accompanying text, both descriptive and clinical, as well as charts and tables. Much of this text and 78 tables are also on the DVD. What attracts me most to the imagery of the DVD is that while the images are clearly illustrations, they have a realistic appearance that lends itself to authenticity without sacrificing clarity, depth of field, or the layering effects that can be achieved with computer enhanced imagery.


Reviewer: Jonathan K. Kalmey, Ph.D., Director of Lecture Discussion Pathway, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Review Date: December 2007

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