University of Western States

Below are photos showing the gross anatomy laboratory at the University of Western States.


UWS Anatomical Sciences Building. 
Houses the dissection suite,
morgue, male/female changing rooms,
basic sciences faculty offices, conference room,
lobby and restrooms.

Dissection suite:  Designed to accommodate 10
student dissection stations plus one prosection station. 
Point of view in this image is from instructor presentation
area.  Room ventilation with supply in ceiling and
exhaust at floor level.  22-24 air exchanges per hour. 
Dual exam lights will be added at each student dissection
station.  An articulated arm camera mount will be added
above the prosection station.  Double doors at opposite
end of room lead to morgue.

Dissection suite: Point of view in this image is near
morgue (looking across dissection suite to instructor
presentation area). Cadaver tissue is kept in Rubbermaid
container associated with each cart.  Center tables
provide ideal space for dissecting organs or working
with models and/or bony specimens.

Instructor presentation area: Presentation options
include computer based presentations, document
camera and the prosection camera (to be added). 
Presentations display on 55” LCD monitors mounted
on walls around periphery of dissection suite. 
Wireless microphone and ceiling mounted speakers
provide excellent audio to dissection suite. 
Models and other course materials stored here.

Student dissection station:  Each dissection station
has a networked computer terminal, white board,
lockable storage drawer for instruments/gloves and
hand washing sink.  Wall mounted 55” display monitors
are positioned between student dissection stations
and are used for instructor based presentations
and/or demonstrations.  Dual exam lights will be added
at each student dissection station.


Dissection suite AV equipment:  Instructors control
display on 55” wall mounted LCD monitors.  Students
have independent computer access to both internet
and intranet resources.  Articulating arm monitor mounts
allow convenient access while working at the cadaver.

Morgue: UWS dissection lab sessions consist of
10 cadaver dissection groups
(comprised of 6 students each).  Curricular design
requires sequencing students/cadavers through their
assigned dissection lab sessions each week. 
Between dissection sessions, cadavers are stored
in the adjacent morgue (capacity = 30 cadaver carts). 
Students roll their cadaver cart between the morgue
and dissection suite at the beginning/end of each
lab session.  Morgue ventilation is separate from
dissection suite ventilation. 

Morgue: Specimen cleaning sink with hydroaspirator.

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