Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Below are photos showing the gross anatomy laboratory at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.


7,200 sq. ft. lab fully opened. Retractable walls with floor
to ceiling whiteboard surfaces divide lab into thirds
(9 tables/room) for dissection and study, connected by
common “hallway” along east wall.


Two internal downdraft demonstration tables feature full
surgical lighting with integrated cameras projecting to 65”
overhead LCD monitors and/or all dissection stations, and
are surrounded on three sides by risers to permit direct
viewing by larger groups.


Each station is provided with dual articulated surgical task
lighting, controlled via station monitor or remotely. 
Floor pattern demarcates 27 dissection stations.  IR-operated
“hands-only” sinks are located along east wall; utility
sinks are located on west wall. Walk-in refrigerator stores
40 cadavers on 5-tier racks.


Zero-footprint computer/displays are normally
positioned at chest level but can be raised above
head height individually or from central control when
tables must be moved for cleaning, swapping
specimens, etc. AC & humidity controlled fresh
air enters room through ceiling, exiting at floor
level (23 total air exchanges/hour).


North and south ends of lab consist of floor-to-ceiling windows.
Light-filtering shades (shown down and kept down at all times)
limit direct sunlight and disable view from exterior. All stations
have extendible overhead utility outlets.


Instructor podium includes central computer from which
prosections or program image can be sent to all stations,
over-riding usual local control.  Touch screen on podium
allows use of  “electronic ink” on overhead displays.
Public address system can be used at demonstration
tables only, or extend to entire lab.


Dissections are performed mainly in teams of five
[dissector + assistant on each side + “CO”
(computer operator); duties rotate with each exercise]. 
37” monitors enable clearly visualization/reading from
all positions within each station.


Weatherproof touch screen computers
(single-point IR field in front of washable window-glass screen)
with 37” LCD displays, providing full internet/intranet
access and a large variety of anatomical programs to each
table, replacing “greaser” atlases (but students prefer
hard-copy dissection manuals).


Gross anatomy lab occupies entire 10th floor of the
Vanderbilt Institute for Imaging Sciences.  Floor is
accessible to students 24 hrs/day via security cards,
with two large-capacity elevators at north end of lab and
standard size elevator at south end.

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