Short-term Visiting Scholarships

Application deadlines: February 19, June 9, and October 8

Past Winners

The Short-term Visiting Scholarship Program is intended to provide travel expenses for members to facilitate visiting a laboratory or participating in a course outside their home institution.  The Scholarship consists of up to $1,000 in travel support.  The program will cover up to twelve (12) scholarships per year.


  • Visiting Scholarships may be used in any country.
  • Each Scholarship is intended for a short-term (typically, 1-8 week) visit to a laboratory or participation in a course outside the applicant’s home institution.
  • Funding cannot be used to attend a meeting or conference.
  • Scholars must have been AAA members for one year prior to application deadline and are expected to remain a member for at least one year after the scholarship is awarded.
  • No individual will be funded twice in a calendar year.
  • The award must be used within one year of the approval date.
  • No individual will be funded for work on a project for which he/she was previously supported by a Short-term Visiting Scholarship.


  • The scholarship must be used within one year of the approval date.
  • Recipient must provide proof of course registration & completion or letter from host laboratory verifying completion of visit.
  • Recipients of the scholarships are eligible to receive free registration and $350 in travel support to attend the next appropriate Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology or a Regional Meeting.  Recipients must submit an abstract and present a poster or paper at the annual or regional meeting in order to receive the additional $350 in travel support and complimentary registration. 
  • Scholars must write a short report of their visit or course within two months of completion.
  • Scholars may be invited to participate in AAA outreach activities.
  • Scholarships may only be used to supplement travel expenses and may not be used for other project expenses.


Applications should be submitted electronically, via the linked application form. Each application must include:

  • CV (NIH four-page biosketch format preferred)
  • For a course, the course description must be included.
  • For a laboratory visit, an invitation letter from the host laboratory’s principal investigator must be included.
  • One-page summary of:
  • intended destination
  • research goals that the visit or course will help achieve
  • budget outline, indicating the source of additional funds, if necessary


AAA’s Short-term Visiting Scholarship Committee is comprised of five (5) members appointed by the current or incoming President to represent various areas of education or research. Committee members will serve a two-year term with one member serving a one-year term as chair in the final year. (The initial committee will vary slightly until the appropriate staggering of terms is achieved.) The committee will review all applications and select up to four (4) Scholars in each of three awards cycles per year. It is not required that four awards be made in each cycle. Under special circumstances, the committee may make more than four awards in the first cycle of the year and fewer in the next, so long as they do not exceed a total of twelve (12) awards per year.

The Short-term Visiting Scholarship Committee will review all applications online, will score them based on a process established by the inaugural chair, and will confer by conference call to determine the scholarship recipients. They will provide their recommendations to AAA by March 15 (for applications due February 1), July 15 (for applications due June 9) and November 15 (for application due October 15).

  • Applications will be reviewed three times per year, by a committee of five AAA members.
  • Criteria for decision will include:
  • track record of the applicant;
  • importance of the visit or course for the applicant’s research success.
  • The AAA Executive Committee will receive a list of recommended recipients; if no questions or objections are raised within one week, recipients will be notified.
  • Critiques will not be provided to applicants.


  • Submission deadlines: February 19, June 9 and  October 8
  • Committee report due: March 15, July 15 and November 15
  • Scholarship presentation: Scholarship funds of up to $1,000 will be distributed upon verification of course or visit completion, as described above.

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering scientific research, education, and the dissemination of scientific information, it is our policy not to pay overhead or indirect costs.

For further information or clarification regarding the process or the forms, you may call or email:

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