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The Ask An Anatomist program is available to visitors of AAA's website as a way to get answers to questions about anatomy. Participants in the program have volunteered their time to answer your questions based on their years of knowledge and experience in the anatomical sciences - in the classroom and/or the lab. The questions and answers found here are not intended to take the place of medical advice or attendance at an educational institution. Rather, please use this AAA service as an additional resource to help you increase your knowledge and advance your understanding of the subject.

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AAA would like to express thanks to the following Ask An Anatomist participants for the time and thought they each put in answering questions:

Helen Amerongen, Ph.D., University of Arizona; James R. Augustine, Ph.D., University of South Carolina; Mark Hankin, Ph.D., University of Toledo; Suraj Kumar, Ph.D., St. Mathews School of Veterinary Medicine; Douglas F. Paulsen, Ph.D., Morehouse School of Medicine; Richard L. Puzdrowski, Ph.D., University of Houston - Clear Lake; Ariel Gustav Scafuri, Ph.D., Women's Hospital, Federal University of Ceara; Robert Spears, Ph.D., Baylor College of Dentistry; Ernest F. Talarico, M.S., C.L.A., Ph.D., Indiana University School of Medicine; Robert B. Trelease, Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine; and Lawrence Wineski, PhD., Morehouse School of Medicine.

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