Member Directory

Name Institution City/Province Country
Mr. Luke Sanders University of Utah Sandy, Utah United States
Dr. Sheryl Sanders Pacific University Hillsboro, Oregon United States
Dr. Martin Sandig University of Western Ontario London, Ontario Canada
Dr. Jean Sanger SUNY Upstate Medical University Syracuse, New York United States
Dr. Joseph Sanger SUNY Upstate Medical University Syracuse, New York United States
Dr. John Santaniello MD Loyola University Medical Center, Stritc Maywood, Illinois United States
Clifford Saper Harvard Medical School Boston, Massachusetts United States
Dr. Jacob Sapiro Fullerton College Fullerton, California United States
Dr. Samuel Saporta University of South Florida College of Medicine Tampa, Florida United States
Dr. Alexey Sarapultsev MD PhD Institute of Immunology and Physiology of the Ural Branch of the RAS Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovskaya oblast' Russian Federation
Dr. Stephen Sarikas Lasell College Newton, Massachusetts United States
Mrs. Erli Sarilita University of Dundee Dundee, Angus United Kingdom
Dr. Diana Sarko Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine Spartanburg, South Carolina United States
Dr. T.G. Sarphie William Carey University Hattiesburg, Mississippi United States
Ms. Catherine Sartin Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Baltimore, Maryland United States
Dr. Peter Satir Albert Einstein College of Medicine Bronx, New York United States
Dr. Iwao SATO The Nippon Dental University Tokyo, Japan
Dr. Akira Sawaguchi MD PhD Faculty of Medicine, University of Miyazaki Miyazaki, Miyazaki Japan
Dr. Cheryl Sawatzke-Routh PhD Henderson, Nevada United States
Dr. Paul Sawchenko The Salk Institute for Biological Studies La Jolla, California United States
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