Member Directory

Name Institution City/Province Country
Dr. Carol Ward University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri United States
Dr. Peter Ward West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine Lewisburg, West Virginia United States
Dr. Nancy Warner University So Cal Dept of Pathology Pasadena, California United States
Dr. Alison Warren Acumedix Chicago, Illinois United States
Dr. Susan Warren University of Mississippi Medical Ctr Jackson, Mississippi United States
Mrs. Anna Warrener Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts United States
Dr. Johanna Warshaw NYU College of Dentistry Brooklyn, New York United States
Dr. Hershey Warshawsky McGill University Cote St Luc, Quebec Canada
Dr. Michiko Watanabe CWRU School of Medicine Cleveland, Ohio United States
Dr. James Watras Univ Connecticut Health Center Farmington, Connecticut United States
Mr. Billy Watson BS MS Loma Linda University Loma Linda, California United States
Dr. Craig Watson MD PhD UC Davis School of Medicine Sacramento, California United States
Miss Jessica Webb University of Central Oklahoma Tulsa, Oklahoma United States
Dr. Ophelia Weeks Florida International University Department of Miami, Florida United States
Mr. Jarek Wegiel IBR Metuchen, New Jersey United States
Dr. Anne Weil Oklahoma State University - Center for Health Sciences Tulsa, Oklahoma United States
Dr. Seth Weinberg University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States
Dr. Anthony Weinhaus University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota United States
Dr. Mary Weis DVM Collin College Richardson, Texas United States
Dr. Matthew Welch University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, California United States
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