Member Directory

Name Institution City/Province Country
Dr. Bibi Singh Barry University Miami Shores, Florida United States
Dr. Rajani Singh AIIMS Rishikesh Dehradun, Uttaranchal India
Dr. Michelle Singleton Midwestern University Downers Grove, Illinois United States
Dr. Akhouri Sinha VA Medical Center Minneapolis, Minnesota United States
Dr. Allan Sinning University of Mississippi Medical Center Jackson, Mississippi United States
Mr. Paul Sirek University of Western Ontario Toronto, Ontario Canada
Miss Maggie Siu Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry Toronto, Ontario Canada
Dr. Hazel Sive Whitehead Institute/MIT Cambridge, Massachusetts United States
Dr. Donald Siwek Boston University School of Medicine Boston, Massachusetts United States
Dr. John Sladek Jr. University of Colorado Aurora, Colorado United States
Dr. Charles Slonecker University British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Stephen Small New York University New York, New York United States
Ms. Amanda Smith University at Albany Albany, New York United States
Dr. Francis Smith University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta Canada
Dr. Gregory Smith Saint Louis University Health Science Center St Louis, Missouri United States
Dr. Heather Smith Midwestern University Glendale, Arizona United States
Dr. Janet Smith Drexel University College of Medicine Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
Dr. Jodi Smith Indiana University Medical School Indianapolis, Indiana United States
Dr. Kenneth Smith Jr. St Louis University School of Medicine Saint Louis, Missouri United States
Dr. Kent Smith Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences Tulsa, Oklahoma United States
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