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Nomination deadline: December 19

List of Fellows

The rank of Fellow of the American Association of Anatomists (FAAA) is designed to honor distinguished members who have demonstrated excellence in science and in their overall contributions to the anatomical sciences. Fellows receive a certificate and a lapel pin. They will be recognized at the Annual Awards Banquet, listed in the AAA Newsletter and on the AAA website, and identified in AAA's online directory.


Only AAA members may submit a nomination. Nominees must be Regular Members or Emeritus Members of the American Association of Anatomists.  Candidates will be considered after 10-15 years of postdoctoral contribution, although exceptional candidates with fewer years may be considered.


By December 19, a nominator must submit the nomination form and a letter of support outlining the qualifications of a nominee. Only nominations that are complete and received on time will be considered. At any given time, no more than 10% of all eligible AAA members may be at the Fellow rank.


Documents required for Fellow nomination should clearly and concisely reflect the nominee's accomplishments. The completed nomination package should include:

  • Nomination form
  • A 100-word summary of the nominee's contributions to the anatomical sciences. The Fellow citation will be based on this summary.
  • Nominee's curriculum vitae (full CV, including service and mentoring activities, not NIH biosketch)


When naming Fellows, the Fellows Committee should determine which nominees are viewed as being in the top 10% tier of all eligible members. In evaluating nominees to elevate to the rank of Fellow, the Fellows Committee will rank nominees on the following criteria:

  • Accomplishments in education and research
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Accomplishments in professional service
  • Accomplishments in academic or corporate administration

The AAA Executive Committee must approve the recommendations of the Fellows Committee.


Each year, the AAA President or incoming President nominates and the Board of Directors approves members for a three-year term on the Fellows Committee. This committee shall consist of five members, at least two of whom have already achieved the rank of Fellow; one of the committee members will serve a one-year term as chair. The committee carefully considers the eligible nominations and selects the new Fellows. Committees are not obligated to make awards each year. Committee members may not be nominated for the rank of Fellow while they are serving on the committee.


Any nominee not chosen for an award is automatically considered for the award by the next two consecutive Fellow committees. It is the nominator's responsibility to update or augment the nomination materials, if appropriate, prior to the next year's deadline.

For further information or clarification regarding the process or the forms, you may call or email:

301-634-7910 (phone)
301-634-7965 (fax)

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