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Looking for a New Employee? Why not try searching CVs submitted by the future anatomical leaders in AAA's Membership?

To narrow down the list, select your criteria from the drop down menus below and click “Apply”. You may select as many criteria as you want but please remember, the more criteria you select the more narrow your search and the greater the likelihood for fewer results.

To select multiple options within one of the menus below, press “Ctrl” and click. If you decide you want to broaden your search after reviewing your results, simply deselect the criteria you’ve chosen by again pressing “Ctrl” and then clicking on the option.

  • Smith, Francis

    Postdoctoral Fellow
    Developmental Biology

  • Smith, Lorinda

    Anatomy Education, Gross Anatomy, Neuroscience

  • Sulehria,Tahir

    Anatomy Education

  • sulehria,tahir

    Anatomy Education

  • Swartz, Emily

    Anatomy Education, Gross Anatomy, Histology, Neuroscience

  • Tomoichiro Asami

    Anatomy Education

  • Troy, Amanda

    Cell Biology, Gross Anatomy, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience
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