EUReka EDI Undergraduate Research Award

The EUReka Award is presented to an underrepresented minority undergraduate student interested in research at this early critical stage by better preparing them for graduate training, or as a springboard to employment in science and health research fields, including scientific outreach and medical education.

Criteria and Eligibility

  • Undergraduate student who self-identify as an underrepresented minority
  • Student is in good standing at the university
  • Application materials include:
    • CV ( NIH four-page biosketch format preferred)
    • Research statement (1 page)
    • Description of project and future career ambitions (1 page)
    • Transcripts
  • Application materials uploaded by mentor:
    • Letter of support; includes statement outlining research environment
  • Reviewed by the Scientific Affairs Committee


April 16


$3,000 research stipend; Registration and $2,000 travel funding to attend next applicable annual meeting to present research
Complimentary AAA membership for year of funding