Fellows Grant Award Program

Supports research proposals submitted to national or international funding agencies that were scored, and generally well received, but did not receive funding

Criteria and Eligibility

  • The program will provide short-term funding for either established or early-career investigators who have submitted a peer reviewed grant application to a major funding sponsor within the last 15 months and received a full review but were not funded
  • The Principal Investigator (PI) must be a current member in good standing for the past 2 years (co-PI's, co-O, or collaborators do not need to be members)
  • Application materials include a brief description up to 3 pages indicating:
    • How reviewer comments (if provided) will be addressed
    • How these limited funds will be used to address the issues raised in the review
    • Rationale for the use of the FGAP funds and how they will impact the research and strengthen  the resubmission of the grant
    • How the outcome will progress the research and impact the research proposal
    • How and when the revised or new proposal will be resubmitted to a major funding source, and which funding source
  • Applicant's CV (NIH 4-page biosketch format preferred)
  • 1 page submission of "Other Support" that will disclose extramural support from all public and private sources, including government and industry, as well as remaining start-up funds, if any 
  • Reviewed by the Fellows Circle


To be determined late 2024