Short-Term Visiting Scholarship

Provides travel expenses for members to facilitate visiting a laboratory or participating in a course outside their home institution.

Criteria and Eligibility

  • Must be a member 1 year prior and 1 year after scholarship is awarded
  • Each Scholarship is intended for a short-term (typically a 1-8 week) visit
  • Application materials include:
    • CV ( NIH four-page biosketch format preferred)
    • For a course, the course description must be included
    • For a laboratory visit, an invitation letter from the host laboratory's principal investigator must be included
    • One-page summary of intended destination, research goals that the visit or course will help achieve,
    • Budget outline indicating the source of additional funds, if necessary
  • Reviewed by the Professional Development Committee


October 20


12 scholarships per year, $1,000 each