The AAA Journals' webinar series is back with an update! The series now features research from AR, DD, and ASE!

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The theme for Anatomy Connected in 2024 is Visualization in Anatomy. We are now accepting session proposals through June 2, 2023.

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Anatomy is everywhere, and so are anatomical scientists:

  • Cell Biologists study the structure, function and behavior of cells
  • Neuroscientists use a wide range of techniques to study the nervous system and its functions
  • Computational Biologists use mathematical modeling to understand the properties of the body
  • Developmental Biologists investigate the processes that guide the formation of biological structures
  • Evolutionary Biologists study the forces that lead to the diversification of life
  • Biological Anthropologists study the behavior and physiology of humans and our ancestors
  • Paleontologists use cutting-edge technology to discover the ancient world.
“The annual meeting is a great opportunity to stay engaged with new research and methods in one’s subdiscipline, be it basic science research and/or education research.”
Habiba Chirchir, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Marshall University



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