Apply to graduate programs in STEM

Understanding the process, tips and suggestions

Speakers will discuss the process and tips for applying to graduate school from the perspectives of a current graduate student and a junior faculty member.

This webinar is free and open access for both members and nonmembers.


Andrew Cale, M.S.
Ph.D. Candidate
Indiana University School of Medicine

Andrew Cale is a 4th-year Ph.D. candidate in Anatomy Education at Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis and a graduate of the M.S. of Modern Human Anatomy Program at the University of Colorado. He teaches gross anatomy, histology, and neuroanatomy to graduate, medical, and allied health students and conducts educational research.

Andrew’s research interests include anatomy education, metacognition, educator development, and science communication. Currently, he serves as a member of the AAA Board of Directors.  He previously was a member of the Ambassador Committee and has been involved with the Faces of Anatomy, #AnatChat, and several other projects



Amberly Reynolds, Ph.D., M.S.
Assistant Professor of Anatomy
Rocky Vista University

Dr. Reynolds is an Assistant Professor of Anatomy at RVU on the Ivins, UT campus where she teaches in the College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Master in Biomedical Sciences program. She was also recently appointed co-chair of Faculty Development at RVU. She teaches anatomy, embryology, and ultrasound with a sprinkling in of physiology. Her research interests include medical education integration, representation in anatomy, and anatomic variations. 

Dr. Reynolds obtained an MS in Clinical Anatomy from Tulane School of Medicine and then completed her PhD in Anatomy and Cell Biology with a focus on Anatomical Education at Indiana University. She currently serves on committees for AAA, HAPS, and AACA. IN AAA she serves on the ambassador committee and is committed to helping students navigate professional organizations and career advancement.




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