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Powering, Primal Pictures is the only complete and medically accurate digital human 3D model based on real body scans and imaging data. For 30+ years, our pioneering and award-winning software has been used by millions of educators, students, and practitioners in 1,500+ institutions across 150+ countries. Primal's learning solutions meet the needs of any program, including medicine, nursing, dentistry, physical therapy/rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and sports medicine.

Learning anatomy isn’t easy. But with Toltech’s comprehensive, immersive platform that features true-to-life visualizations and expert-level support, anatomy education becomes more accessible, impactful, and effective.

Accelerating research discovery to shape a better future. Advance your research with access to our collection of journals, books, databases and more. Our tools offer step-by-step techniques to help every phase of your research. 

Anatomic Excellence LL is the exclusive, full range agent for Dr. Gunther von Hagens Plastinated Human Tissue Specimens in the USA, Canada & Caribbean. We work with our customers to help them establish a collection of ethically prepared specimens that meet the antomical needs of the program and enhances learning opportunities for your students.

Elsevier is the world’s leading scientific publisher and data analytics company. We have been serving the global research and healthcare communities for more than 140 years. We serve academic and government institutions, top research and development-intensive corporations, healthcare institutions, medical and health professionals, and nursing students in over 180 countries and regions.

von Hagens Plastination provides real human specimens for education and research institutes as well as museums. As the leader in Plastination our mission is to advance the education of medical and health sciences.
The line of services offers anatomical teaching specimens that stem from real human bodies, rendered through the groundbreaking science of Plastination invented by Dr. Gunther von Hagens.

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