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Anatomy Images

Anatomy Digital Libraries & Compilations

  • Bassett Collection – Images from the Stereoscopic Atlas of Human Anatomy completed in 1962
  • E-Anatomy – A website about sectional anatomy of human body, with interactive self-study and assessment tools, based on more than 1,500 MR and CT slices; the site involves images with large file sizes that reduces the download speed for the pages
  • Gross Anatomy Atlas Images – Labelled gross anatomy images from University of Arkansas Medical Sciences, Department of Neurobiology and Developmental Sciences
  • Ronald Bergman’s Anatomy Atlas List  – Curated links to many atlases and digital libraries
  • Structure of the Human Body – Presented by Loyola University Chicago; offers multiple sources of anatomical image resources, including the LUMEN dissector and the Master list of Muscles, both of which are excellent educational references
  • The Anatomy of the Laboratory Mouse – Illustrations by Margaret J. Cooke, 1965, Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Visible Human Project – Complete, anatomically detailed, transverse CT, MR, and cryosection images of representative male and female cadavers
  • Virtual Dissection Database (VDD) – A digital library of dissection videos and cadaveric images, as well as surface anatomy and clinical resources

Anatomy Videos & Animations

  • Medical Gross Anatomy Dissection Videos – Video presentations divided into five categories; Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular and Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, Reproductive and Endocrine, and Nervous systems; each heading has multiple modules, which include various video sizes to accommodate various download speeds

Brain Images

Brain Digital Libraries & Compilations

Brain Videos & Animations

  • The Secret Life of the Brain – Award-winning presentation produced by PBS, with numerous modules and activities related to brain anatomy and function

Development Images

Development Digital Libraries & Compilations

  • Edinburgh Mouse Atlas – Digital atlas of mouse development and database for spatially-mapped data such as in situ gene expression and cell lineage
  • Virtual Human Embryo – Carnegie collection of human embryology images of the Human Developmental Anatomy Center

Histology Images

Histology Digital Libraries & Compilations

  • Digital Atlas of Histology – Histology atlas from UERJ in Brazil; also available in Portuguese
  • The JayDoc HistoWeb Site – Histology atlas from the School of Medicine of the University of Kansas, with succinct explanations of the tissues to guide first-year medical students in the use of microscopes
  • WebPath – Internet pathology resource including 1,900 images
  • Virtual Microscopy Database (VMD) – A centralized repository of virtual tissue slides for anatomy and histology scholars and researchers; a project of the AAA

Radiology & Medical Imaging

Radiology & Medical Digital Libraries & Compilations

Radiology & Medical Journals & Publications

Radiology & Medical Tutorials & Assessments

Specialized Anatomical Images

Digital Libraries & Compilations