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Histology Education Resources

Digital Histology Libraries & Compilations

  • Atlas of Microscopic Anatomy – Companion to Histology and Neuroanatomy: Second Edition
  • Blue Histology – Annotated static images and image-based practice questions from the University of Western Australia
  • Digital Histology Atlas – Light and EM micrographs representing all major basic tissues and most organs/organ systems
  • Duke University Medical Histology and Virtual Microscopy Resources – Features an extensive collection of basic tissues and organ systems virtual slides
  • Histology at the University of Michigan – Digital microscopy resources for the study of cells
  • Histology Guide – Virtual histology lab featuring variety of basic tissues and organ systems virtual slides; annotations available
  • Histology Learning System – Boston University site with static histology micrographs with annotations; common confusions tab offers side-by-side comparison of commonly misidentified tissues/structures/organs at the microscopic level
  • Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education – More than 2,700 images with text that illustrate gross and microscopic pathologic findings along with radiologic imaging associated with human disease conditions
  • Loyola University Histology – Static annotated images with static-image based quizzes and a link to a collection of virtual histology images
  • Microscopic Anatomy – Features a gallery of static histology micrographs, images of cellular ultrastructures, histology PowerPoint presentations, and 3D models and videos of cells and tissues from the University of Delaware
  • NYU School of Medicine Virtual Microscope – Virtual histology lab featuring variety of basic tissues and organ systems virtual slides
  • The Cell Image Library – A public repository of reviewed and annotated images, videos, and animations of cells from a variety of organisms
  • The Iowa Virtual Slidebox – Virtual histology lab offering more than 1,000 virtual slides
  • The JayDoc HistoWeb – Histology atlas from the School of Medicine of the University of Kansas with succinct explanations of the tissues to guide the first-year medical student in the use of their microscopes
  • University of Colorado Virtual Histology Lab – Consists of interactive slides, complete with detailed annotations and quizzes associated with each slide; developed by member Lisa Lee

Histology Videos & Animations

  • Histology Helper – YouTube channel offering audiovisual tutorial on 18 different types of tissues and organs
  • Shotgun Histology – YouTube channel offering audiovisual tutorial on 89 different types of tissues and organs

Neuroanatomy/Neuroscience Education Resources

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