Professional Development Committee

In alignment with the Strategic Plan, the committee is responsible for planning the professional development component of the Annual Meeting and webinars, reviewing applications for Short-Term Visiting Scholarships, and providing oversight of related projects.

Fulfill all responsibilities and committee activities with an overriding objective of meeting the Association’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies, goals and priorities.


  • Develop and implement professional development sessions at the Annual Meeting including recruiting participants, speakers, and workshop organizers.
  • Develop and implement professional development webinars.
  • Advance career networking and mentoring opportunities for members at Annual and Regional Meetings.
  • Generate enduring professional development materials and resources for distribution at meetings, workshops, and online.
  • Review and score applications and select recipients for Short-Term Visiting Scholarships.


  • Be an active member in good standing.
  • Have a vested interest in professional development and mentoring of members.



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The Professional Development Committee is working to increase diversity on the committee. We seek members whose primary role is as a bench scientist and/or those who are in advanced stages of their career (mid and late). We also have a seat for a student/postdoctoral committee member. AAA members from underrepresented groups in STEM/academia are encouraged to apply when the Call for Volunteers opens in the fall.


The Committee shall hold video conferences as needed and meet during the Annual Meeting.


The Committee submits a report to the Board at its spring and fall meetings.


  • 10 members, including 1 chair.
  • One position is reserved for a student member.
  • The Chair or representative will serve on the Program Committee as a liaison.
  • Committee members serve 3-year terms, and the chair serves a 2-year term.

Application Process

  • Applications are solicited annually through a Call for Volunteers
  • Applications are reviewed and scored by the committee chairs and members; scores, demographics, needs of the committee, and comments from the reviews are taken into consideration when choosing new members
  • New committee members are chosen, and then reviewed by the Nominating Committee
  • The new committee members are approved by the full Board of Directors
  • After Board approval, notifications are sent out. Feedback is given if requested by the applicant