Meet the Candidates for Secretary/Treasurer Elect

Term: 2022-2026  |  Open Positions: 1  |  Candidates: 2

Raj Ettarh

Candidate Statement: The year 2020 saw the arrival of a worldwide pandemic that has altered the present and our expectations of the future for higher education and the AAA. This challenges all members, volunteers and staff to find new and innovative ways to continue working to preserve and promote the association's values of respect, inclusion, community, integrity, and discovery. I am volunteering to continue to contribute to that process.

The ability of the AAA to promote its values is supported by its strong membership and assets. AAA investments have grown substantially in the last decade and as member and chair of the Journal Trust Fund Investment Committee, I have been fortunate and privileged to participate in helping to safeguard, preserve and build those shared resources in trust for all previous, current and future members. Working with our investment advisors, the committee limited the effects of the pandemic on the association assets and increased its value. Along with committee members, the Finance Committee and the Board, I am currently involved with introducing and building out a socially responsible investment strategy for the AAA that aligns with its values.

For me, the idea that I can continue to serve and work with my professional friends, colleagues and partners to preserve the association as our professional home is too powerful to walk away from. And I am convinced that most AAA members feel the same way. I see a future for the AAA that is broad, inclusive and welcoming — a community of professionals that is continually willing and able to adapt to a changing world, without losing its capacity to support education, discovery, professional development and advocacy. I believe that I can make a difference. I bring with me an understanding of AAA investment and finance policy, the ability to lead and be led cooperatively in a team with others, and a deep appreciation of the future challenges that our profession faces. The Board has leaders who share my vision and I am asking members for their trust and vote as their next Secretary-Treasurer Elect of the AAA.

Current Position/Institution: Professor, Department of Medical Education/Anatomy, California University of Science and Medicine

Ph.D. Institution:
PhD in Radiation Biology, Queens University Belfast, UK 1995

Earlier Positions:
Professor, Tulane University (2010-2016); Lecturer University College Dublin (1995-2010)

[Current] Gross anatomy, histology and embryology (medical students); surgical anatomy (medical students); gross anatomy and histology (graduate students)

AAA Committee/Roles:
Journal Trust Fund Investment Committee (2018-present, Chair 2019-present); Finance Committee (2019-present)

Fellow Anatomical Society 2015; Fellow Royal Society of Medicine 2009

Research Interest:
epithelial cell biology; cost-effective medical education; virtual microscopy; knowledge retention

Other Professional Memberships Currently Maintained: Association of Anatomy Cell Biology and Neurobiology Chairpersons; International Association of Medical Science Educators; Anatomical Society

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Secretary/Treasurer Elect

Raj Ettarh
Shaun Logan

Board of Directors

Melissa Carroll
Tamara Franz-Odendaal
Casey Holliday
Katherine Willmore

Student/Postdoc Directors

Andrew Cale
Tarimobo Otobo

Program Co-Chair

Angelo Iulianella
Paul Kulesa