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Term: 2022-2025  |  Open Positions: 1  |  Candidates: 2

Andrew Cale

Candidate Statement: The American Association for Anatomy has played a crucial role in my professional growth as a graduate student in the anatomical sciences. Now, I’d like to give back to the organization that consistently supports me by serving as a Student/Postdoc Director on the Board of Directors. I hope to leave a lasting positive impact on the organization and provide the AAA community with the same welcoming support and encouragement that I have received.

As a Student/Postdoc Director, the greatest contribution I can provide to the Board of Directors is my perspective and insights as a student member. I have been an AAA member for five years, spanning my entire graduate career. As such, I have recent first-hand experience with how students engage with the organization at different stages of their graduate studies. Student members represent the future of AAA and the anatomical sciences, and I can speak to their varying interests and needs. Furthermore, I believe my expertise in science communication and my experiences with the Ambassador Committee will prove invaluable in helping the association increase its engagement with current and potential members as well as with the general public. I have trained in the principles of effective communication geared towards fellow scientists and the general public as well as in designing engagement projects and initiatives. This expertise will be an asset to initiatives and communication at the Board level. Through my experience with the Ambassador Committee, I’ve also successfully coordinated several social media campaigns to engage with the worldwide community of anatomists (e.g. Faces of Anatomy profiles, #AnatChat Twitter chats). When combined with my student perspective, these skills will not only help the Board of Directors advance the strategic plan, but also appeal to prospective early career members and turn them into longtime members of the AAA community.

Ultimately, I envision the American Association for Anatomy as a diverse and inclusive organization for all individuals who are interested in the anatomical sciences. My own experience with the organization has been nothing short of welcoming and supportive and I would like nothing more than to provide both AAA members and the general public with the same positive experience. As a Student/Postdoc Director on the Board of Directors, I will dedicate myself towards supporting the association's public outreach and diversity/inclusion initiatives. In collaboration with the AAA community, we can create an organization in which everyone feels safe and supported in their exploration of the anatomical sciences.

Current Position/Institution: Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Anatomy, Cell Biology, & Physiology, Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM)

Ph.D. Institution: 
Ph.D. in Anatomy and Cell Biology (Education Track), In Progress

Earlier Positions:
Adjunct Instructor, Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions, Regis University (2018) 
Graduate Student, Master’s of Modern Human Anatomy (MSMHA) Program, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Human Gross Anatomy (medical, allied health, graduate, and undergraduate students); Human Histology (graduate students); Neuroanatomy (medical and graduate students)

AAA Committee/Roles: 
Ambassador Committee (2019-present)

IUSM David B. Burr Educational Fellow Award (2021); Student/Postdoctoral Education Research Poster Presentation Award Finalist (2021); MSMHA Excellence in Teaching Award (2018)

Research Interests: 
Anatomical sciences education, with an emphasis on assessing and improving student and teacher metacognition (one’s ability to monitor and regulate their own knowledge and performance. Science communication, with an emphasis on outreach activities geared towards educating K-12 students and the general public on basic human anatomy and physiology.

Other Professional Memberships Currently Maintained: American Association of Clinical Anatomists (2020-present);International Association of Medical Science Educators (2020-present)

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