Meet the Candidates for President-Elect 

Term: 2023-2025  |  Open Positions: 1  |  Candidates: 2

Ralph Marcucio

Candidate Statement: The American Association for Anatomy has been one of my home societies since I was a post-doctoral fellow beginning around 1995. I appreciate the support provided to members at all career stages, but particularly to the more junior members of our society. This support certainly had a large impact on my career progression, and I enjoy contributing to the society that has benefitted me and to helping develop the future leaders of AAA.

I was on the Program Committee for the past decade. Most recently I was the Co-Chair of the Program Committee, and as such, I was also part of the AAA Board of Directors. In these roles I have realized the importance of integrating the basic science aspects of AAA with the educational mission of many of our members. This can be seen in the continued development of program content that benefits both groups.

In the next few years AAA will face a series of important issues that must be addressed. These include maintaining the high quality of our stand-alone meeting, the impact that open access publishing will have on the AAA journals, and continuing the efforts in promoting diversity, among others. These challenges present unique opportunities for our future. I have considerable experience working on behalf of the members of AAA, and I believe I am well qualified to lead AAA as we embrace these challenges. 

Current Position/Institution: Professor, University of California, San Francisco (2014-present)

Ph.D. Institution: Cornell University, Animal Science, Reproductive Physiology (1990-1995)

Earlier Positions: Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco (2003-2008); Associate Professor, University of California, San Francisco (2008-2014)

Teaching: Co-Director, Oral and Craniofacial Science Graduate Program (2012-2022); OCS 221, Current Concepts in Oral Biology (2022-present)

AAA Committee/Roles: Program Committee (2011-2017); Board of Directors (2018-2022); Program Committee Co-Chair (2018-2022); Professional Development Committee (2018-2022); Finance Committee (2018-2022); Development Committee, Anatomy Scholars Program (2022-present)

Other Professional Activities: Permanent member, SBSR, IRG, NIH (2021-present); Editorial Board: Journal of Orthopedic Research, Developmental Biology; Developmental Dynamics, Evolutionary Biology; Section Editor, Skeletal Development, Current Osteoporosis Reports

Awards: Honorary Diploma, Institute de France (2004); Fellow, Hellman Foundation (2006); Mentor of the year, John Green Society (2012); Mentor of the year, UCSF Post-Doctoral Scholars Program (2012); David Bixler Distinguished Scientist in Craniofacial Research Award (SCGDB, 2022)

Research Interest: Developmental Biology, Facial Morphogenesis, Mechanisms of Variation, Defining the genotype to phenotype map, the role of the forebrain in facial development. Bone fracture healing, chondrocyte to osteoblast transformation, paligenosis.

Other Professional Memberships Currently Maintained: Orthopedic Research Society; Society for Craniofacial Genetics and Developmental Biology

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