I Am Anatomy

To see anatomy in real-world applications and better understand what it means to be an anatomist, AAA funded, through its Innovations Program, the “I Am Anatomy” video contest. Members shared videos illustrating how they contribute to the diverse discipline of anatomical science.

The I Am Anatomy Team

Brent Thompson, Ph.D., Lincoln Memorial University - DCOM

Joshua W. Little, D.C., Ph.D., Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Christina Lewis, Ph.D., Samuel Merritt University

People’s Choice Best Video, 1st Place
Rachel Hurwitz, University of Michigan

People’s Choice Best Video, 2nd Place
William Albabish, University of Guelph

People’s Choice Best Video, 3rd Place
Larry Witmer, Ohio University

People’s Choice Funniest Video, 1st Place
Barb Puder, Samuel Merritt University

People’s Choice Funniest Video, 2nd Place
Kerrie Lashley & Guinevere Granite, Uniform Services University of Health Sciences

People’s Choice Funniest Video, 3rd Place
Jeannie Bailey, University of California, San Francisco

Grand Prize Video, 1st Place
Nathan Swailes, University of Iowa

Grand Prize Video, 2nd Place
Joy Reidenberg, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Grand Prize Video, 3rd Place
Smart Mbagwu, University of Fribourg