Year 1 

Module 1: Work-Life Balance                               Module 2: Professional Development
One-on-one coaching One-on-One coaching
Saying Yes to Opportunities Create an IDP
Work-Life balance workshops   Create and Maintain Academic CV
  Networking 101


Year 2

Module 3: Communication Module 4: Teaching & Mentoring
Effective writing Cultural differences
Messaging for various audiences Teaching in your area of scholarship
Presentation of research in variety of venues  How to integrate modern technology into teaching
  Active listening
Module 5: Service Module 6: Funding
Reviewing for Journals and Granting Agencies      Setting up a lab
Contributing to professional societies Working with Trainees
Improve skills in Publishing and reviewing Grant Development
  Collaboration 101
Module 7: Work-Life Balance Revisited  
Reflections on overall ASP program  
Use of IDP in decisions