Basmajian Award

Recognizes health science faculty who are in the formative stages of their career that teach human or veterinary gross anatomy, documented excellence in their contribution to the teaching of gross anatomy, and have outstanding accomplishments in biomedical research or scholarship in education

Criteria and Eligibility

  • Must be a member to submit a nomination; the proposed award recipient does not need to be a member
  • Nominee needs to be within 10 years of their highest earned degree.
  • Members may nominate themselves but must provide a letter of recommendation from someone else on the nomination form
  • Application materials submitted by the nominator: 
    • Nomination form 
    • Letter of recommendation (from other individual if self-nominated)
  • Materials submitted by nominee: 
    • Two (2) additional letters of recommendation At least one of the three (3) total letters of recommendation must be from the nominee's chair, chief, or dean (supervisor) and must document the quality of the nominee's contributions to teaching of gross anatomy
    • CV (NIH biosketch format preferred) documenting:
      • Research - research portfolio, including publications, textbooks, patents, abstracts, chapters, and proceedings papers.
      • Teaching - teaching portfolio, such as experience, awards, and publications on teaching anatomy to students.
      • Service - include departmental, school, university, journal, and society level service. Copies of letters documenting good performance in such service are helpful.
    • At least one article/textbook sample (up to three may be submitted)
    • At least one representative research paper (up to three may be submitted)
  • Reviewed by the Fellows Circle 

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Call for nominations will be sent out in August

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November 15


$2,000 Honorarium; 2 years AAA membership; 2 years AAA Annual Meeting Registration; $1,500 Travel to AAA Annual Meeting