How to Renew Your AAA Membership

Step 1: Click “Forgot username?”
Step 2: Check your email for a message from info@anatomy.org containing a link to set your password.
Step 3: Click the link and follow the instructions to create your password.

  • If your old password meets the new criteria, you can keep the same password.
  • The old and new systems are not linked, so your username and password don’t “carry over” from the old system. That’s why you need to follow this process. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Step 4: Once you have saved your password, you will need to log in. Enter your username and password.
Step 5: Once logged in, you will see your new member profile page. To renew your membership:

  • Agree to the AAA Data Processing Policy by selecting “Yes” and clicking “Save.” You will need to do this on our new system, even if you agreed to the policy on our old system.
  • Click “Renew Now” to complete your renewal.
  • After you have renewed your membership, take this opportunity to update your Personal Information, which helps us better understand our members as a whole.

Once you have renewed your membership on the new anatomy.org, use your new login to access member resources across the site AND engage with peers on Anatomy Connected, our online member community.