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We are pleased to announce the publication of an exciting and epic Special Issue of our journal – The Anatomical Record, “The Age of Crocodilians and Their Kin: Anatomy, Physiology, and Evolution”

To celebrate, we are giving every person who joins the American Association of Anatomy before the end of October a complimentary hard copy of the issue (while supplies last).  

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About the special issue

The volume is Guest Edited by American Association for Anatomy members  - Casey Holliday and Emma Schachner with Heather F. Smith and Jeffrey Laitman. Beautiful cover art by Hank Sharpe. 

Crocodiles and their ancestors, the pseudosuchians, have dominated temperate waterways around the world since the Triassic. In the distant past, they flourished on both land and sea in a variety of forms, ranging from armored, armadillo-like creatures, bipedal forms, and bulky, predatory species. This Special Issue highlights recent advances in the biology and paleontology of the fascinating crocodile lineage. The papers in the volume bring crocodiles and their extinct ancestors to life using paleontological fieldwork, imaging, 3D modeling, developmental biology, physiological monitoring, dissection, and other related scientific methods.