Institutional & Departmental Membership

With our new academic group membership, you can connect all your colleagues and students to the tools and resources you've come to rely on – with the added convenience of a single invoice.

Benefits of the Group Rate

  • Save money on membership
  • Provide professional development resources to all your staff and students
  • Create opportunities for improving effectiveness in teaching, research, and publishing
  • Single invoice billing

How Do Group Rate Members Access Benefits?

Each member who joins under the group rate will be provided their own login based on their email address – so they can access all resources and benefits individually.

Get the Group Rate

Contact Liz Phares to complete the group application process.

Billing Cycle: Membership dues are billed on a per calendar year basis. 
Renewal Payments: Renewal payments are due annually by December 31st. 
Prorated Rates: Members who join in the second or third quarter of the calendar year pay a prorated rate. This prorated rate reflects the portion of the year remaining until December 31st.
Multi-Year Payments: Members have the option to pay for multiple years upfront. This can provide convenience for both the member and the organization.


 AAA Academic Group Membership Rates      Tier 1     Tier 2     Tier 3     Tier 4     Tier 5
 Included Faculty & Early-Career Memberships    1-3   4-6   7-9   10-12   13-15
 Included Student/Postdoc & Undergraduate Memberships    3   4   5   6   7
 Annual Membership Dues (Group Rate)     $500     $750     $1,000     $1,500     $2,000 
 Additional Memberships (Each)                     
 Faculty                    $100 
 Early-Career                    $90 
 Student/Postdoc    $25   $25   $25   $25   $25 
 Associate    $75   $75   $75   $25   $25 
 HAPS    $30   $30   $30   $30   $30 

Emeritus and Honorary Memberships are not included in faculty tier counts.

Current Participating Institutions

George Washington University
Indiana University - Bloomington
McMaster University
Michigan State University
Midwestern University
New York Institute of Technology
Oregon Health & Science University
Rush University
Saint Louis University
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Stanford University
Stony Brook University
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
UMass Chan Medical School
University of California - San Francisco
University of Iowa
University of Missouri - Columbia
University of North Carolina
Washington University

“As one of the largest Anatomy Department in the US, MWU-Glendale really appreciates the AAA Group Rate. It allows us to maintain AAA membership for all 17 faculty at a reduced cost and it encourages our faculty to attend the AAA Annual Meeting since their membership is already paid.”

Wade A. Grow, Ph.D. 
Professor and Chair of Anatomy 
College of Graduate Studies 
Midwestern University