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Show Your Member Pride!

There are many ways to display your AAA member pride and show the world that you are #forAnatomy. Here are just a few.

AAA Favicon

Did you know you can add the AAA favicon to your social media profile picture? Here's how.

Sample Profile Photo with Favicon

Digital Member Badge

Right-click the image below to save it to your device. Then add it to your professional profile pages, lab website, and email signatures.

For Facebook Only:

This is the easiest method, but can only be used on Facebook.

  1. Go to your profile page.
  2. Hover over your photo and click Update Profile Picture.
  3. Click Add Frame.
  4. Search for and select American Association for Anatomy. There are blue and white options, to suit different photos. Select the one that works best with your photo.
  5. Use the slider to adjust the crop of your photo if needed.
  6. Select how long you want to retain the frame (for example, choose Never if you want to keep it indefinitely).
  7. Click Use as Profile Picture.

For All Others:

Use this method to create and download a photo that you can use on any social network or profile page (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Research Gate, etc.).

  1. Go to https://www.isupportcause.com/campaign/american-association-for-anatomy-member.
  2. Upload your profile picture.
  3. Select a frame. (Instructions are on the website.)
  4. Click Generate Profile Picture.
  5. Save your picture to your computer and upload it wherever you like.

Member Decal

Put a member decal on your bike, bumper, office window, door, laptop, etc. Take a photo and tag us on any of our social media channels to share your member pride. Contact Liz Phares for additional decals.