Anonymous Lecturer (not a celebrity chef 🔪)



My lockdown life – My community is close-knit: I work in a department of just 1.5 staff and I’m quarantined at my parents’ house, along with my children.

Temporary headquarters – My home office is in a storage room adjoined to the laundry. The internet isn’t stable, so I'm hot-spotting wifi from my smartphone.

I really appreciate – My garden, given the above conditions.

Impact on research – I'm peer-reviewing more papers than usual. Editors are telling me more people are declining the work.

My technology mix – I've been using Microsoft Teams to chat with my students and make videos, though I have no skills at editing recordings. I was already using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for online tutorial sessions and the features now available to staff during shutdown have increased (presumably at a cost to my university). I will continue to use both of these platforms.

Treading water – I wouldn't say my institution has been a lifesaver. We were expected to change things from face-to-face to online literally overnight. The university is focused on student, not academic, well-being.

Speaking of students – Many are anxious about exams, their performance, and the impact online delivery is having on their learning.

Testing, testing – I’m writing exams in new formats for a number of courses and conducting formative assessments so students can monitor their performance better.

My guilty pleasures – I’ve become addicted to TikTok and working in my PJs!

I don’t need – Make-up or fancy clothes and shoes.

I really miss – Contact with students.

How I survive each day – Coffee in the morning and wine in the evening.

I’ve forgiven myself for – Not being able to be 100% awesome at all my roles simultaneously!