Habiba Chirchir

Assistant Professor, Marshall University

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I’ve come to appreciate – Spending more time with my husband and cat at home in Huntington, WV. I have been spending less money because I cancelled all travel plans and I don’t eat out.

My challenges & solutions – The learning curve for new technology was steep, but we are doing our best with the available tools. For instance, recording, editing, and downloading lectures. I am also experimenting with 3D anatomy software that I learned about on Anatomy Connected. I will continue to use some of the new software even after resuming face-to-face instruction. Another challenge has been administering exams remotely, especially lab exams. How do you structure the questions to make the students think instead of just opening their notes to check the correct answers?

My research & COVID–19 – I cannot go to the lab to collect data or use a computer with high processing capability. I am using this time to analyze existing data at home and prepare manuscripts.

How I stay connected...

With AAA – I use Anatomy Connected often to learn about digital technologies to use in the classroom.

With students – I have about 100 students. Thankfully, most of them have internet access! I communicate with them through Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and email. They can access all the course material I have prepared. I have been continuing with lectures and lab exercises as it was during face-to-face classes, and encouraging students to attend synchronous learning by awarding bonus points for attendance, even though the lecture is recorded and available to them later on.

I’ve continued – Watching Killing Eve. I started watching it a year ago but didn’t follow up on it until recently. I was looking for something to watch and decided to revisit it. It is gripping because it is a story about two women (one an assassin and the other in the intelligence world) whose lives are different yet so similar. Also, the show is set in multiple countries. I have been gardening more, too – tending my flowers and veggies.

My guilty pleasure – Too much popcorn!

I really miss – The drive to work, which surprised me because it is a mindless activity and is only an 8-minute drive. But I miss the solitude it offers.

I look forward to – Socializing! Going out for drinks or dinner with friends.