James Pickering

Chair/Professor, University of Leeds

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Advantages of being at home – I’ve always had a home office, and I get lots of support from family and colleagues.

My challenges & solutions – Getting bored at home, and managing home schooling. Long walks help!

Continuing research – No field work is happening, but I’m writing up work and meeting with collaborators on Zoom.

My technology mix – Teams, Zoom, TopHat, Blackboard, Padlet

My lifesaver – #IAMSECafe

I don’t need – To commute to work all the time.

I really miss – Random chats with colleagues in corridors.

That’s entertainment – I have a strange appeal for zombie apocalypse type movies. And I like watching classic sport on YouTube.

I look forward to – Evening walks with the family.

I’ve forgiven myself for – Snacking!

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